Which part of Turkey is Altinkum?

Which part of Turkey is Altinkum?

Gold rush. Altinkum is a fun-loving beach resort on Turkey’s southwest coast. It’s grown quickly over the past few years, and has merged with its neighbour, Didim – a town with thousands of years of history. Altinkum means golden sands, and it’s for the three impressive beaches that so many visitors head to its shores.

What is Didim like in Turkey?

it is a rapidly growing holiday resort utterly different from what it used to be. Welcoming many tourists with its beautiful beaches, pristine coastline, ancient towns, culture, and sunshine – compared to the big tourist resorts like Bodrum and Kusadasi, it’s a hidden treasure!

Is Didim a nice place to live?

Why Didim is a Nice Place to Live. Didim is no exception. Hundreds of foreign residents reside here all year round and have no regrets about making a move. Having said that, we also met people who preferred Bodrum or Fethiye as a place to live all year round.

Which province is Didim in Turkey?

Aydın Province
Didim is a small town, popular seaside holiday resort, and district of Aydın Province on the Aegean coast of western Turkey, 123 km (76 mi) from the provincial capital city of Aydın.

Is Altinkum Turkey safe?

Beach is very safe as has very gentle slope. During Summer months gets really crowded with Turkish families who appear to arrive mid morning and stay till evening. If you prefer quiet then visit May or Sept and hire a shade and sunbeds in front of hotels on their narrow private beaches or pontoons.

What is there to do in Altinkum Turkey?

Things To Do in Altinkum

  • Dolphin Bar. This is one of the liveliest spots in Dolphin Square.
  • Sunbathe on Main Beach.
  • Pinocchio’s Restaurant and Fun Pub, Main Beach.
  • Spend the day on Third Beach.
  • Souvenir shop at Didim’s Saturday market.
  • Swan Bar, Dolphin Square.
  • Eat Turkish food in Altinkum.
  • Have a night out in Dolphin Square.

Is Didim worth visiting?

A favorite summer destination for visitors, Didim in Turkey is known for its beautiful beaches and historic sightseeing. From the stunning Temple of Apollo to its natural park, there’s plenty to see and do in Didim except getting lazy on the beach.

What is the closest airport to Didim Turkey?

The nearest airport to Didim is Bodrum (BJV) Airport which is 40 km away. Other nearby airports include Samos (SMI) (45.5 km), Kos (KGS) (66.5 km), Izmir (ADB) (101.2 km) and Rhodes (RHO) (132.1 km).

What does Didim mean in Turkish?

Didyma (Didim in Turkish) was a sacred place from the 8th century BC it was actually the centre of the city of Milletos which had a spring and sacred grove. Didyma actually means twins and was associated with the meeting place of Leot and Zues to have their twins Apollo and Artemis.

What is Altinkum like in Turkey?

Altinkum has a great beach, with lovely soft sand and the sea is so clear and clean. Gets very busy in high season with wall to wall umbrellas so my advice is to go early to claim the best position. It’s a nice straight beach and wherever you pitch up there are plenty of restaurants just a view yards from the beach.

What airport is near Altinkum Turkey?

The nearest airports are Bodrum or Izmir. It’s 90 km to Altinkum from Bodrum, about 1.5 hours at most. From Izmir, it’s 145 km, about 2 hours.

How much is a taxi from Bodrum Airport to Didim?

The quickest way to get from Bodrum Airport (BJV) to Didim is to taxi which costs 270 ₺ – 330 ₺ and takes 1h 4m.

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