Which photo is good for Vastu?

Which photo is good for Vastu?

Everyone loves to have their family pictures displayed in their home. The best place to hang these pictures is the South-West wall, as this placement increases bond and harmony between the relationships. It is advised that you should never place your family pictures in Eastern or Northern corner of the house.

Which picture is best for living room as per Vastu?

Room suggestions for Vastu paintings

Room Painting scene Direction
Entrance, Living room Nature-inspired South
Bedroom Positive photos of family, flowers or birds Southwest
Kitchen Inspirational East

Which photo should be kept in bedroom?

Vastu for photos in the bedroom suggests keeping family photographs on the southwest wall of your bedroom. Doing this will help strengthen family relationships. You should avoid keeping pictures of your family in the north or east corner of the bedroom.

Which painting is good for Vastu?

Serene water and mountain paintings are the best to keep the calm and peaceful energy flowing in the house. A painting with a water body represents the things flowing smoothly without getting stuck. You can hang these paintings in the study, kitchen, or living room.

Where should you hang family pictures?

The Best Places and Ways to Display Family Photos in the Home

  1. Main Rooms. Gathering places in your home are where your family makes memories.
  2. Transition Spaces. Transition spaces in a home are places such as hallways, stairways and walkways.
  3. Bonus Rooms.

Which wall is best for wall clock?

According to Vastu, the clock should be placed on the eastern, western, or northern wall of the house or office. These directions work to bring positive energy into the house. With this, by keeping the clock in these directions, our time remains good and all the work is done well without any hindrance.

Which painting is lucky for home?

The dragon painting Dragon is considered as the best force or element for inducing good luck. A dragon painting can be placed in the north for the growth of career, east for managing health issues and in the southeast for welcoming prosperity and wealth in your house.

Where should I keep my marriage photos?

Avoid constructing or occupying a room in the north, east or north-east directions. It is only natural that newlyweds would want to place their wedding or pre-wedding pictures in their room. According to Vastu Shastra, pictures should be placed on the eastern wall in the bedroom.

Which scenery is lucky for home?

Welcome home prosperity A beautiful entrance attracts wealth and prosperity. According to the vastu, North or East direction is ideal for the entrance door.

Where can I put pictures on my living room?

Use space behind the sofa When hanging artwork, a general rule of thumb is that the centre of the image should be at eye-level. In rooms where people are usually sitting down – such as a living room or dining rooms – eye-level will be at a seated position so artwork should be hung a little lower.

Why do we need to follow Vastu norms for hanging pictures?

Even the pictures and photos to be hung on the walls need to abide by Vastu norms so as to create harmony, peace and prosperity within and among the residents of the house. Vastu tips for placement of pictures in the house:

What is the importance of Vastu in the construction of house?

* Vastu lays down guidelines for each and every aspect related to a house or office premises. Right from the purchase of land, construction of the various rooms, to placement of furniture, painting and decorating it, Vastu suggests ideal choice, direction and position for each of it.

Are there any royalty-free Vastu stock photos available?

227 vastu stock photos are available royalty-free. Vastu architecture. Pens on an vastu architect table Vastu architecture. Pens on an vastu architect table Vastu architecture. Pens on an vastu architect desk

What does Vastu say about painting in the bedroom?

Painting or pictures in the bedroom should always display an object in a pair. Single object indicates loneliness. When it comes to decorating a house or bedroom, Vastu says big No No to such objects or paintings. Hang or display a beautiful pair of loving birds figurine or painting enjoying each other’s company.

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