Who are Mastercraft tires made by?

Who are Mastercraft tires made by?

Cooper Tire & Rubber
Mastercraft is a subsidiary of Cooper Tire & Rubber and was founded in 1909 as a tire company that offers premium products to tire dealers across North America. Mastercraft tires are engineered and designed specifically to offer excellent mileage, quality, and tire life.

What’s the rating on Mastercraft tires?

Mastercraft Stratus A/S Tire Reviews

Consumer Tire Performance Survey based on 19 customer reviews
8.8 8.6
91% 8.7
8.9 8.9
9.0 9.1

Are Mastercraft tires made in China?

Mastercraft Tires are made in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Here’s an overview of the different manufacturing branches: Findlay, Ohio (United States)

Are MasterCraft tires noisy?

Feel is secure and very little noise. Really like them. We will see how they handle in the winter over the next couple… We have not had the tires very long, however what I can say is they are premium and we are very impressed with the quality.

Are Mastercraft tires safe?

We take great pride in making high quality, safe and reliable tires. And, we care about every person who rides on our tires. So, before you hit the road, review Mastercraft’s tire safety information to help you stay on top of your tire’s condition and maintenance, and to maximize safety, satisfaction and tread life.

Where are Mastercraft tire made?

20. Where are Mastercraft Tires made? Mastercraft Tires operates 10 factories across China, the USA, The United Kingdom, Mexico, and Serbia.

How old is my Mastercraft tires?

The date of manufacture is part of the serial number (DOT), which is located on only one side of each tire (the other side may have only a partial number or no number). The DOT is an 11-character number and looks like this: UP0RCNT1209. The date of manufacture for this DOT is the 12th week of 2009 (1209).

How good are Mastercraft tires?

When it comes to handling, Mastercraft tires are just about as good as tires can be for this particular price category. With their consistent traction and firm grip, these tires have features that include asymmetrical patterns and rigid treads that maximize the performance these tires have on dry roads.

What are the advantages of MasterCraft tires?

For superior off-road mud traction performance

  • To provide excellent extreme terrain traction and enhanced driving feel
  • Increases off-road traction,and sidewall abrasion resistance
  • Provide a “mud-scoop” effect,for superior off-road traction
  • Increasing grip for superior traction
  • What country are Mastercraft tires made in?

    Mastercraft tires are a part of the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and are manufactured mainly in the United States but also have tire manufacturing plants in England, Serbia, Mexico and China.

    Who makes MasterCraft courser tire?

    Mastercraft tires are made by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, a global company with headquarters in Findlay , Ohio. The brand was introduced in the early 1900s and celebrated its centennial in 2009. The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company designs tires for passenger cars and light trucks.

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