Who came up with the line Say hello to my little friend?

Who came up with the line Say hello to my little friend?

This famous quote is spoken by Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, in Scarface (directed by Brian de Palma, 1983).

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Say hello to my little friend?

Then there was the time my eldest son Zoltan, now 20, was age three and discovered the joys of being a boy. He strutted out of the tub on the boat deck, same boatyard in Florida, shouting, “Say ‘hello’ to my little friend!”

What was Tony Montana’s little friend?

Tony Montana’s “little friend” is a Colt AR-15 tarted up with a fake grenade launcher. In a 1983 film like Scarface, the sight of an AR-15 was chilling, the sort of weapon that only a sociopath like Montana would use to try to mow down a team of assassins single handedly.

Where did the expression Say hello to my little friend come from?

“Say Hello To My Little Friend” started out with a coked-out Al Pacino blowing rival drug dealers to smithereens in the incomparable Scarface. Today, the famous phrase has pervaded itself into many aspects of everyday life.

Why is Tony Montana called Scarface?

According to Oliver Stone, Tony’s last name was inspired by former NFL quarterback Joe Montana, Stone’s favorite player. A prequel novel, Scarface: The Beginning, written by L. A. Banks, was published in 2006. Montana also has a large scar on the side of his face, which explains why he is known as Scarface.

Why is Scarface an X-rated movie?

(By the way, Scarface was the first movie to have ever earned an ‘X’ rating for violence alone, a mark of box office poison that forced director Brian de Palma to seriously tone down the gore; the Scarface that we know and love today is this kinder, gentler version. Jeez. Sort of makes the mind reel.)

Why do we Say “Say hello to my Little Friend?

The result is some serious carnage; think Animal House meets Apocalypse Now! Anyway, in high school in 1983 when the film came out, we couldn’t get enough of it and “Say hello to my little friend” became our tag line for all kinds of goofiness—some of it funny, most of it crude.

What kind of gun does Scarface use in Scarface?

It belongs, of course, to Al Pacino ’s character, Tony Montana, aka Scarface. He says it in the film’s climatic, gun-orgy-of-a-scene as he introduces a double-clipped M16A1 with attached M203 40mm grenade launcher to his “house guests”, a squad of heavily armed assassins sent by Alejandro Sosa (Paul Shenar), the Bolivian cocaine kingpin.

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