Who can be a guarantor for MPI?

Who can be a guarantor for MPI?

To act as a Guarantor, a person must be a Canadian citizen residing in Canada, have known you personally for at least two years and be from one of the occupations listed on the MPI website.

How do I register as a MPI customer?

How to apply

  1. Gather all the necessary original required documents to meet the application requirements.
  2. Take your documents to any Autopac agent or a MPI Service Centre and register as an MPI customer (if you are not already a customer).
  3. The agent will take your photograph and will capture your signature digitally.

What is an enhanced driver’s license Manitoba?

The Manitoba Enhanced Driver’s Licence (EDL) and Enhanced Identification Card (EIC) serve as voluntary travel documents that verify the cardholder’s identity and citizenship for entry into the United States by land or water.

Who qualifies as a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who “guarantees” your identity. He or she must be a person who has known you personally for at least two years and knows you well enough to confirm that the information you have given in your application is true.

What are the requirements to be a guarantor?

To be a guarantor you’ll need to be over 21 years old, with a good credit history and financial stability. If you’re a homeowner, this will add credibility to the application.

Where can I find MPI customer number?

Your customer number is located on the first page of your renewal notice or statement of account.

What is an enhanced identification card Canada?

The Enhanced Driver’s Licence ( EDL ) was a travel document that acted as proof of identity and citizenship when traveling to the United States by road or water.

Can I use a guarantor declaration to prove Manitoba residency?

A Guarantor Declaration can be used as a second acceptable document for proving Manitoba residency if you only have one document with your address on it. To view eligible supporting documents that can be used, see the Acceptable Verifiable Resource List or use our Proving My Identity tool.

How do I prove my identity for a Manitoba driver’s licence?

The first time you apply for a Manitoba driver’s licence, you will be asked to show documents that prove your identity. To quickly determine the documents you need to bring, use our Proving My Identity tool. The tool will show you the documents that you can use to establish your identity.

What information do I need to make a claim in Manitoba?

Claims information should include: date of loss, type of loss, percentage at-fault, and name of driver involved in the claim (s). You have four gender maker options on a Manitoba driver’s licence or identification card: Male (M). Female (F).

Can I get my MB licence with a guarantor?

You can use anyone else with a passport as a guarantor. Then you can get your licence with your passport. And I share your pain. I had to jump through a number of hoops to get my MB licence when I moved back here from out of province.

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