Who can you marry in Stick RPG 2?

Who can you marry in Stick RPG 2?

Stick RPG 2 gives you the option to marry….There are four girls that you can marry.

  • Devin ( -300 Negative karma > Bad Girl )- Has orange-red hair and a purple head.
  • Tiffany ( 100 Strength > Bimbo ) – Has blonde hair and a pink head.
  • Kate ( 200 Intelligence > Pretty Nerd ) – Has brunette hair and a teal head.

How do you get money fast in Stick RPG 2?

Get a Fake ID (or go to Police station for legit ID) and go to the casino. The quickest way to make money is to bet on the unicorn Unicornelius with each bet at about 11% of your money. The reason why this works is because Unicornelius statistically beats all the other horses more than 50% of the time.

How do you get the ring in Stick RPG 2?

The “Jewelry Flipper” is a crimson stick figure standing near the left entrance of the Casino, who assists you on your marriage questline. He gives you the ring which is necessary to finish the marriage questline. To get the ring, you have to give him a watch.

How do I marry Kate?

Go to the Casino and talk to the Jewelry Flipper. Trade him the Watch you got from Kate for the Wedding Ring. With the wedding ring in your inventory, you are now able marry Kate. To propose to Kate, at least 300 intelligence points or more is required.

How do you get intelligence in Stick RPG 2?


  1. Being lucky in jobs.
  2. Going to school (These may have ‘events’ that can give you extra, or be bad, that is, giving minus intelligence or other stats.)
  3. Being lucky doing other things (e.g. one event in the Easy Gym with Emma ‘Extreme’ can give you +24 Strength, +8 Intelligence)

How do you lower your karma in Stick RPG 2?

How to Decrease

  1. Doing “bad” deeds.
  2. Random events while working a job.
  3. Buying an ID card from the illegal seller. (-25 Karma)
  4. Giving the Trophemons to the Eccentric Billionaire.
  5. Eating Devil Food Cake (-50 Karma) (Director’s Cut only)

Where is the millionaire in Stick RPG 2?

The Eccentric Millionaire is a character in Stick RPG 2, who has an obsession with the rare Trophemon birds. He can be found at night between the Mobster Tower and the Cozy Condo, accompanied by two body guards.

Where is Tiffany in stick RPG 2?

Tiffany outside Isaiah Musticka ‘s basement. Tiffany is one of the stickgirls you can choose to marry in Stick RPG 2, whose marital questline can only begin if the player has a good amount of strength points. Morning: Tiffany can be seen right outside the Mobster Tower in the 2nd island.

How do I get Tiffany’s keys?

Give the puppy to her and Cathy will give you Tiffany’s keys. Return to the 2nd island and give the Keys you received from Cathy to Tiffany. Tiffany will give you her Scarf and ask the player to meet her up in The Club at night. Pass the time until it’s nighttime.

Should I read on stick RPG 2?

Do not read on unless you’re really stuck or just plain lazy and don’t mind having the fun taken out of the game. Remember, this is Stick RPG 2. It’s not his story or her story, it’s your story.

How do I unlock the lab in stick RPG 2?

Remember, this is Stick RPG 2. It’s not his story or her story, it’s your story. Completing this quest will unlock The Lab . First, talk to Tutorial Ted to get 100$, the Basement Key and positive or negative karma. Then, talk to him again and he will tell you to find Professor Ansel and yields positive or negative karma.

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