Who designed the Irelia rework?

Who designed the Irelia rework?

Game designer Phlox posted some tentative Irelia changes today that should hit the live servers with Patch 11.14.

Are graves and twisted fate a couple?

Although it is not officially a romance, the lore tells of the relationship Graves has with Twisted Fate — and one of the writers who dealt with the recent appearances of these two confirmed that her intention was for them to be a couple.

When did Irelia get reworked?

January 2018
Champion Roadmap: January 2018 When we started Irelia’s rework, our main goal was to transform her into the master of levitating blades that her theme implies—she should be surging into the thick of battle, where she can pierce the shields of her enemies before cutting them down in a flurry of dancing blades.

How much armor does graves get?

Graves gains 1 / 2 / 3 bonus armor and magic resistance every second he remains in combat. The bonuses are increased every 6 levels. This bonus stacks up to 10 times.

Is Irelia rework live?

League of Legends: Irelia Changes For Patch 11.14 Go Live On PBE. Recently, Irelia has been a big topic of discussion amongst the LoL community. Her kit spikes extremely hard in the early game right now and as a result, Riot is releasing a nerf in patch 11.14 on the PBE that will ultimately change the way she’s played.

Why is Graves shotgun named Destiny?

This likely happened after Burning Tides, when the two reunited. Graves originally wielded a gun named Destiny (sharing the name with his partner’s ultimate). However after the events of Burning Tides it got destroyed and was replaced with New Destiny, an exact replica of the gun.

What is Graves shotgun called?

There he was introduced to a master gunsmith who crafted Graves a shotgun especially to his specifications. Graves named the gun “Destiny” and joined the League of Legends in hopes of someday finding Twisted Fate and exacting his revenge on his old comrade.

Is Irelia nerfed?

Irelia. Coming off of a recent rework, Irelia is receiving a major damage nerf to her kit. She’s been one of the most sought out top laners in the game since they increased her damage at the cost of her mobility.

What is jinx real name League of Legends?

Jinx (League of Legends)

Developed by Christian Linke Alex Yee
In-universe information
Full name Powder
Alias The Loose Cannon

Is Sona getting a rework?

Sona has finally received the rework that Riot had promised for what seems like an internity. The new Sona is very similar to the old Sona: only her Passive, Q and W have received some form of major changes. This rework is more of a mini-rework rather than a full-blown rework like Dr Mundo’s, Graves or Fiddlesticks.

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