Who did B-Rabbit?

Who did B-Rabbit?

Papa Doc is the main antagonist in the semi-biographical drama film 8 Mile, he is a gang leader of “Tha Free World”, whom are the local rivals of Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith and his friends.

Why did Alex cheat on rabbit?

The most widely believed reason for Alex cheating on B-Rabbit is time. Therefore, as much as B-Rabbit did feel betrayed, Alex was not obligated to be faithful as they had not defined their relationship status at the time. That being said, it certainly does not absolve Alex.

How does B Rabbit know about Papa Doc?

1. B-Rabbit potentially knew that he was going to beat Papa Doc in the Final when earlier in the movie he found out that Papa Doc’s real name was Clarence, and that Clarence went to Cranbrook (a private school), and that Clarence lived at home with his parents (who had a real good marriage).

What is the rap battle in 8 Mile?

Highlight the text then click the link Use Bold and Italics only to distinguish between different singers in the same verse. This song is the first of the three rap battles that take place toward the end of 8 Mile. The battle is between Em’s character B-Rabbit, and local Detroit rapper Strike’s character, Lyckety-Splyt.

How were the final battles in 8 Mile filmed?

The final battles were recorded on the stage as they were shot. In a clip from 8 Mile ’s bonus features, four people were selected to come on stage and battle Em, who was instructed to just imitate rapping to save his vocal cords for the screaming in the real battles that would make it to the movie.

What is B-Rabbit’s motto in 8 Mile?

My motto: “Fuck Lotto!” B-Rabbit’s freestyle battle against Lotto. From 8 Mile movie. This is the most closely contested battle in the movie, but nonetheless B-Rabbit moved on. Who is B-Rabbit? Isn’t that Eminem rapping? 8 Mile is a semi-autobiographical film that follows Jimmy Smith Jr, a struggling young rapper.

Does Papa Doc win the coin toss in 8 Mile?

About “8 Mile: B-Rabbit vs Papa Doc”. This final rap battle is the climatic point of the film. Papa Doc wins the coin toss and elects to “let that bitch go first.”.

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