Who does Cloud Strife marry?

Who does Cloud Strife marry?

Most would agree that it’s Tifa, but there are many valiant fenders for Aerith x Cloud. It’s never really confirmed who Cloud’s official girl is as that’s the purpose of a love triangle dependent on choice.

Is Cloud Strife still alive?

Zack was gunned down, but the Shinra forces ignored the catatonic Cloud. Cloud regained some awareness and crawled over to Zack, who entrusted the Buster Sword to him, telling his legacy will live on inside Cloud, before dying.

What’s wrong with Cloud?

Surfacing at Mideel a week later, Cloud had been subjected to intense mako poisoning within the lifestream, leaving him paralyzed and incoherent, in a state similar to when Zack rescued him from Shinra Manor a year before. Tifa found him and stayed to care for him while the rest of the party fought Shinra.

Who is TIFA in love with?

Of course she does. She not only loves him as an old friend, but she fell in love with him over the course of the events of the original game. Their relationship is not conventional— Cloud is closed off emotionally for good reasons.

Who is Cloud’s arch enemy?

The archenemy of Cloud Strife, Sephiroth has become Square Enix’s most iconic villain from the Final Fantasy series.

Will the Final Fantasy 7 remake surpass the original?

Square Enix aims to create “a title that surpasses the original” Final Fantasy VII with its upcoming remake for PS4. According to a job listing (via Gematsu, as originally reported by DualShockers) for a Battle Planner and Level Planner to join the project, the game will be a “new creation not limited to a simple remake.”

Is Final Fantasy 7 good?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s combat is great, and the battles only get better over time, as players unlock new abilities and slot more magic-granting Materia into their weapons and armor. It’s a system uniquely suited for a remake of an old-school JRPG, since it delivers a punchy action that keeps it from feeling boring in the moment, but it also requires players to think like they’re in a turn-based battle – especially in boss encounters, where managing health and magic points as well as enemy

Will Final Fantasy 7 remake come to PC?

Remake of the iconic jRPG may land on PC in 2021. Officially, Final Fantasy VII Remake is only released on PlayStation 4, but for many years rumors have been circulating about a possible PC edition. The latest reports suggest that game may go to PC in 2021. The source of the speculation is the official cover of the game.

Is Final Fantasy 7 remake turn based?

Unless Tetsuya Nomura and his team can dream up something extraordinary for the battle system in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it’s probably best for Square Enix to use a version of turn-based combat in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Regardless, though, Square Enix has a really tough road ahead of them when it comes to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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