Who does Zelda Williams voice?

Who does Zelda Williams voice?

Zelda Williams is a voice actor known for voicing Kuvira, Mona Lisa, and Amaya Blackstone. Take a visual walk through their career and see 4 images of the characters they’ve voiced and listen to 3 clips that showcase their performances.

Why did Zelda Williams change her name?

She was born 10 days after her father’s 38th birthday. Her father stated that he named her after Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda video game series.

Who voices Kuvira Korra?

Zelda Williams

Voiced by Zelda Williams
In-universe information
Full name Kuvira
Gender Female

Is Zelda Williams related to Robin Williams?

Zelda Williams has seen the viral video of a comic impersonating her late father, and she has kindly asked people to stop sending it to her. The 32-year-old daughter of legendary comedian Robin Williams explained why she doesn’t want to see the video after a fan asked her about it Thursday.

Was Kuvira that bad?

Kuvira is the first main The Legend of Korra villain to be female (although other villains such as Eska, P’li, and Hou-Ting exist). Kuvira is the first (and only) main antagonist of The Legend of Korra to be introduced in the preceding book and the second in the franchise after Azula.

How old is Zelda Williams?

Zelda Williams was born on July 31, 1989 in New York City, New York, USA as Zelda Rae Williams.

Did Serena Williams play in the Zelda games?

In June 2011, both Williams and her father were featured in a television commercial for the Nintendo 3DS game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Furthermore, on October 25, 2011, she was the special guest host at the London Zelda Symphony Concert at the Hammersmith Apollo, marking the 25th anniversary of the Zelda series.

Does Zelda Williams have a brother?

Her mother is of Filipino and Finnish descent. Zelda, the older of Williams’s children by his second wife, has a younger brother, Cody, and an older half-brother, Zachary Pym “Zak” Williams. She made her acting debut at age 5.

Who is the girl in the legend of Zelda AD?

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