Who is Astrobrite?

Who is Astrobrite?

Astrobrite is a Chicago-based shoegaze noise-pop project. It began in the summer of 1993 as a solo 4 track bedroom project by Scott Cortez. In 1995 the band expanded in order to tour.

What was Astrobrite’s first album?

In 2001, Astrobrite’s first album Crush was released, composed of material from the 95-97 period. Adam Cooper (Alison’s Halo) mastered and mixed Crush and 8 Candy EP. Later in 2001, Scott Cortez flew to Tokyo, Japan to play the Seven Winters shoegaze festival.

When did Astrobrite become three piece?

In October 2014, Astrobrite became a three-piece group when Sophie Brochu (guitar, vocals), and Sarah Sterling (drums) joined the band. In 2015 Deluxer was released by Vinyl Junkie and Astrobrite did a small tour of Japan in support of the release.

When did Astrobrite release one hit wonder?

In 2004 Astrobrite was signed to Vinyl Junkie Records in Japan and released “Pinkshinyultrablast”. From 2004 to 2008, in addition to recording Astrobrite material, Cortez was recording and performing with STAR. In April 2007, a new album Whitenoise Superstar was released, followed by One Hit Wonder in 2008.

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