Who is best finisher Dhoni or Virat?

Who is best finisher Dhoni or Virat?

MS Dhoni on the other hand comes to bat at 6 or 7, most times under huge pressure of finishing the match with a positive result. Therefore in ODIs Virat is the better batsman again, but Dhoni is the better finisher & has an immense record as well.

What is Dhoni greatest quality?

5 Leadership Qualities That Made M.S. Dhoni A Terrific Captain

  • Staying Calm. He wasn’t called ‘Captain Cool’ for anything!
  • Handling Success.
  • Dealing with Failure.
  • Be The Frontman.
  • Being A Team Player.

Is Pant better than Dhoni?

Pant has played 18 Tests away from home Dhoni played more overseas till 2008. He scored 869 runs from 17 Tests at 34.76 in this period. He averaged over 50 in England (matches: 3, runs: 209, average: 52.25). Similarly, Pant has also played 18 Tests away from home, having scored 1,050 runs (average: 35.00).

How can I be like MSD?

What are the success lessons you can learn from Dhoni?

  1. Be confident: Dhoni hails from a modest rustic background but even that could not hold him back.
  2. Stay focused: Dhoni lost some important chances in his career.
  3. Handle pressure calmly:
  4. Accept failures:
  5. Be modest:

Is MS Dhoni a Level 5 leader?

M.S. Dhoni exemplifies Level 5 Executive leadership skills as he acted as a catalyst for making Indian cricket team take on the transition from becoming good to great. He channelled his personal ego to stay focused for attainment of bigger goals for the India cricket team.

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Who is the best finisher in the history of cricket?

Indian captain MS Dhoni, without a shadow of a doubt, is the best finisher that the limited overs game has ever seen.

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