Who is considered the best ball handler in NBA history?

Who is considered the best ball handler in NBA history?

Top 10 best ball handlers in NBA history

  1. Kyrie Irving. Teams: Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets.
  2. Allen Iverson. Teams: Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies,
  3. Chris Paul.
  4. Steph Curry.
  5. Pete Maravich.
  6. Steve Nash.
  7. Jamal Crawford.
  8. Tim Hardaway.

Who is the best ball handler position?

The Point Guard
The Point Guard is usually the shortest but the best ball handler on the team. Also known as the ‘coach on the floor’ or the ‘floor general’, a point guard is responsible for directing plays.

Who broke the most ankles in the NBA?

In 18 years, Iverson unleashed perhaps the most iconic ankle-breaker of all time on Michael Jordan. The game of basketball changed dramatically on March 12, 1996, when MJ was on a list.

Who has the best handles ever?

It’s an important quality that often makes him the best choice as a point guard.

  • #8. Tim Hardaway.
  • #7. Jamal Crawford.
  • #6. Pete Maravich.
  • #5. Isiah Thomas.
  • #4. Stephen Curry.
  • #3. Derrick Rose.
  • #2. Allen Iverson.

Is Kyrie better than Curry?

When it comes to comparing “skill” stats, Curry beats out Kyrie in almost every category. Kyrie has been renowned as an other-worldly finisher at the rim, but he has actually shot a lower percentage at the rim in his career than Steph. Steph also shoots a higher percentage from midrange than Kyrie does.

Who has the best crossover of all time?

There have been plenty of killer crossovers in NBA history. From Allen Iverson to Derrick Rose to Jamal Crawford, some players simply have a mastery of one of the game’s most awe-inspiring moves.

Who has the most dunk in NBA history?

There is no sign that this record will be broken anytime soon, as Dwight Howard holds the record for the most dunks in the NBA since 1996. In the 2021-22 season, he could become the first player to reach the 3,000-dunk mark if he averages 90 points or more.

Who’s better Durant or Curry?

THE VERDICT: KD gets the edge in scoring, rebounding, and blocks. Curry gets the edge in shooting efficiency, assists, and steals.

Who is the best NBA ball handler of all time?

Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving are recognized as the best ball handlers in the NBA, if not the planet. ESPN ’s own Jon Barry had this to say about who the best ball handlers are: “That’s some big-time handle right there. Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving are two of the best with the basketball.”.

Which NBA player has the best handles?

Chris Paul:

  • Isiah Thomas:
  • Muggsy Bogues:
  • Jamal Crawford:
  • Jason Williams:
  • Bob Cousy:
  • Stephen Curry:
  • Kyrie Irving:
  • Pete Maravich:
  • Allen Iverson:
  • What position does the best ball handler have?

    #1 – Point Guard – Usually the best ball handler. Often one of the shortest players on the team. Plays outside the lane, usually out near the top of the key. #2 – Shooting Guard (also called Off-Guard or Wing) – Usually the best outside shooter.

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