Who is current chairman of PCB?

Who is current chairman of PCB?

Mr Ramiz Raja – Chairman
Mr Ramiz Raja – Chairman, PCB He presently sits on the MCC World Cricket Committee, having previous served on the ICC Chief Executives’ Committee.

How many kids does Rameez Raja have?

Ramiz Raja’s father-in-law was also a former cricketer in the British colonial era. Ramiz Raja has one daughter and two sons.

Is PCB rich?

The total net worth of PCB is $55 million with recent revenues of $111.45 million. A large number of companies have sponsored PCB including Pepsi, Gatorade, United Bank Ltd., Brighto Paints, etc. PCB earns a large number of funds from organizing Pakistan Super League.

Who funds Pakistan cricket?

The PCB operates through its own Constitution, generates its revenues, which are reinvested in the development of cricket. It receives no grants, funds or monies from either the Federal or Provincial Governments, the Consolidated Funds or the Public Exchequer.

Who was PCB Chairman before Raja?

Pakistan news Raja had previously served as the PCB CEO for a brief period in 2003-04, with Shahryar Khan as Chairman.

Is India funding Pakistan cricket?

The ICC conducts tournaments and the income generated from them is distributed among its member boards,” Raja told the panel. “Now, 90 percent of the ICC funding is generated from the Indian market. In other words, Indian business houses are running Pakistan cricket.

What makes Raja Raja a good cricket commentator?

But by then he had also become an articulate voice of Pakistan the world over as a television commentator. That career has gone from strength to strength so that in the modern turmoil of Pakistan cricket, Raja’s has been an authoritative, informed and sane voice amid the madness.

Is Ramiz Raja in touch with ICC CEO Geoff Allardice?

NEW DELHI: International Cricket Council (ICC) CEO Geoff Allardice, on Thursday said that he has received no communication from Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Ramiz Raja regarding the four-nation T20I series, involving both India and Pakistan.

Who is Rajeev Raja?

In Pakistan’s post-90s mess of scandal, dirt and intrigue, he also emerged, importantly, as a rare man of integrity and considerable dignity on the field and in administration. As an opening batsman Raja arrived on the scene the next Majid Khan.

Is Raja Raja the next Majid Khan?

As an opening batsman Raja arrived on the scene the next Majid Khan. His basic game was built on solid, understated elegance. Some of the leg-side play was outstanding and the flick to square leg soon became a signature stroke.

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