Who is Hassan Nisar in Pakistan?

Who is Hassan Nisar in Pakistan?

Hassan Nisar (Punjabi, Urdu: حسن نثار; born 5 July 1951) is a Pakistani journalist, newspaper columnist, TV news analyst and an Urdu Poet.

How old is Hassan Nisar?

70 years (July 5, 1951)
Hassan Nisar/Age

How many children Hassan Nisar has?

During interviews for a new magazine ven ture of Hassan Nisar choose Shazia and that resulted in her marriage. From his second marriage he is father of three children including two sons and one daughter. Her daughter Mohammadah was the first child from his second marriage, later Hathim and Hashim were born.

Who owns AAP news Pakistan?

Aftab Iqbal is a Pakistani television host, journalist, and businessman who founded Aap Media Group.

Who was the PM of Pakistan before Imran Khan?

Prime ministers

Term Number Name Political party (Alliance)
20 (12 & 14) Nawaz Sharif میاں محمد نواز شریف (born 1949) Pakistan Muslim League (N)
21 Shahid Khaqan Abbasi شاہد خاقان عباسی (born 1958) Pakistan Muslim League (N)
22 Imran Khan عمران خان (born 1952) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Was Imran Khan a batsman or bowler?

Considered one of cricket’s greatest ever all-rounders, Khan registered 3,807 runs and took 362 wickets in Test cricket and was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame….Imran Khan.

Imran Khan HI PP
Batting Right-handed batsman
Bowling Right-arm fast
Role All-rounder
International information

What is the name of Pakistan news agency?

Pakistan Press International
Pakistan has two major news agencies: the government-controlled Associated Press of Pakistan and the privately-owned independent news agency, Pakistan Press International (PPI).


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