Who is Lord arshea?

Who is Lord arshea?

The angel empyreal Lord Arshea (pronounced AHR-shey) is a champion of the repressed and weary, providing mortals deliverance from their bonds. This liberation applies to many of Arshea’s worshipers, who often choose to ignore conventional gender identities, eventually choosing one that fits them best.

Is arshea a boy or girl?

Arshea is androgynous and has been depicted as both male and female, but in either case, always dressed in many-colored veils of gossamer. Indeed, Arshea is of both genders and neither, unhindered by such differences.

What does arshea give to the miserable?

Miserable individuals sometimes receive a sign of hope from Arshea in the form of a soft grey feather, jewelled bangle, or scrap of gossamer. Arshea is a welcome guest at the empyreal lord Lymnieris’ Palace of Delectation in Heaven and such visits are legendary concerning the intensity of the revels held.

What does arshea teach her followers?

Arshea teaches them to abandon constraining beliefs and practice free love and sexuality. The Spirit of Abandon’s temples are most likely found in artist’s studios, burlesque parlors, and dance halls.


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