Who is Nardong Putik?

Who is Nardong Putik?

Leonardo Manicio, better known through his alias Nardong Putik, was a Filipino gangster. An amulet-wielding hoodlum from Cavite province, Manicio credited his ability to survive and escape numerous ambushes and gunfights to his anting-anting ( amulet ).

How did Putik die in Hamlet?

When Putik appeared to be tipsy (a condition which is prohibited for an individual who possesses an amulet due to its ability to lose its effect when the holder was intoxicated by alcohol), he was then hit on the back of his head by his turncoat friend and died from the injury.

How many children did Leonardo de Putik have?

Putik was married to Feliciana but had many common-law wives. He had one known son, Leonardo, Jr. and two known daughters, Angelita and Estrellita with his legal wife.

What happened to Tondo?

Salonga, a dreaded and notorious gang leader, and the likes of Totoy Golem, Toothpick, Boy Zapanta and other toughies that time, Tondo became a bloodbath of gangland violence. As they say, Crime Does Not Pay! Salonga, only 27, met his untimely death in 1951. He was gunned down during a drinking session. Here’s that fateful day

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