Who is Neal McDonough son?

Who is Neal McDonough son?

Morgan Patrick McDonough
James Hamilton McDonough
Neal McDonough/Sons

The couple has five children, Morgan “Little Buck” Patrick (born November 28, 2005), Catherine Maggie (born May 14, 2007), London Jane (born January 11, 2010), Clover Elizabeth (born August 15, 2011), and James Hamilton (born March 31, 2014).

Who are the parents of Robert Ri chard?

Beverly Ri’chard
Robert Ri’chard/Parents

Who is Robert Richard mother?

Robert Ri’chard/Mothers

How tall is Robert Richard?

5′ 9″
Robert Ri’chard/Height

Who is Neal McDonough’s wife?

Ruve McDonoughm. 2003
Neal McDonough/Wife

Who plays Buck Compton band?

Neal McDonough
Band of Brothers (TV Mini Series 2001) – Neal McDonough as Lynn D. (Buck) Compton – IMDb.

What race is Robert Ri chard?

Ri’chard was born in Los Angeles, California. He is of Louisiana Creole descent.

How old is Robert Ri chard now?

39 years (January 7, 1983)
Robert Ri’chard/Age

How tall is Ruvé Robertson?

6′ 3″
Ruve McDonough/Height

Does Neal McDonough have a brother?

Gerard McDonough
John McDonough
Neal McDonough/Brothers

Who are Neal McDonough’s parents?

Neal McDonough is an American actor. His parents, Catherine (Bushe) and Frank R. McDonough, were Irish immigrants. His father was from County Galway and his mother was from County Tipperary. Neal has said:

How old is Neal McDonough from suits?

Neal P. McDonough (born February 13, 1966) is an American actor producer voice actor known for his portrayal of Lieutenant Lynn “Buck” Compton in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers (2001), Deputy District Attorney David McNorris on Boomtown (2002–2003), Sean Cahill on Suits, Robert Quarles on Justified,…

Is Neal McDonough’s son John Ri’chard?

Speculations of Ri’chard being McDonough’s son arose due to his similarity with McDonough; as it turns out, the rumors are just that — rumors. Sadly, the fact that Ri’chard and Neal McDonough look alike isn’t enough to conclude they are blood-related.

How many children does Matthew McDonough have?

The Walking Tall actor has a family of seven, including his wife, Ruve McDonough, and their five children — Clover Elizabeth, London Jane, Catherine Maggie, Morgan Patrick, and James Hamilton.

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