Who is number 5 on Auburn?

Who is number 5 on Auburn?

Kobe Hudson
2021 Auburn football player profile, overview: No. 5 Kobe Hudson.

Who is #1 for Auburn?

T.J. Finley

NO. Name Wt.
0 Demetris Robertson 185
1 T.J. Finley 246
1 Donovan Kaufman 200
3 Tar’Varish Dawson Jr. 161

Who is number 25 Auburn football?

Colby Wooden
2021 Roster

#25 Colby Wooden 278
#26 Anders Carlson 220
#27 Jarquez Hunter 202
#28 Jackson Billings 179

Does Bo Nix hurt?

Bo Nix missed the tail end of Auburn’s season due to an ankle injury he suffered in the Mississippi State game. He gave an update this week on his rehab during his weekly appearance on The JBoy Show. “It’s good. My doctor and the physical therapist said it looked really good.

Who is number 91 for Auburn?

Oscar Chapman
Auburn football: No. 91 Oscar Chapman.

Is Bo Nix playing Saturday?

Nix will not play in the Iron Bowl on Saturday due to a recent season-ending ankle injury, but he is sure to be a topic of conversation in the Alabama locker room leading up to the big game.

What happened to Bo Nix for Auburn?

Former Auburn quarterback Bo Nix is transferring to Oregon. Nix announced the news Sunday night in an Instagram post, writing, “Coast to Coast. It’s official!” The former five-star recruit started the first 34 games of his college career before sustaining a season-ending ankle injury against Mississippi State.

Who is number 80 on Auburn?

Sal Cannella
Sal Cannella – Football – Auburn University Athletics.

Who is number 8 Auburn?

Shaun Shivers
8 Shaun Shivers.

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