Who is Raza Gul daughter?

Who is Raza Gul daughter?

Nyssa Raatko
Nyssa Raatko appears in Batman: Arkham Knight, voiced by Jennifer Hale. Like the comics, Nyssa is depicted as Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter. She appears in the “Season of Infamy” DLC in the “Shadow War” story. Nyssa is leading a rebellious faction of the League of Assassins.

How many daughters does Ra’s al Ghul have?

Ra’s has two daughters – Talia and Nyssa, both of whom became disillusioned with their father and his evil mission to wipe out humanity. In Death and the Maidens, Talia and Nyssa join forces (with some brainwashing by Nyssa) to attempt to take down both Superman and their father.

What happened to Talia’s mother in The Dark Knight Rises?

One day, when Talia was a young child, the prison doctor forgot to lock their cell and her mother was attacked and killed by a group of prisoners.

Who is Mara Al Ghul mother?

Dusan al Ghul
Mara al Ghul was the daughter of Dusan al Ghul, also known as the White Ghost.

Who is Damian Wayne’s cousin?

Mara al Ghul
Mara al Ghul is the granddaughter of Ra’s al Ghul and the cousin of Robin (Damian Wayne).

Why was Talia’s mother killed?

Trivia. In the comics, there have been different versions of Talia’s mother. One unnamed mother died of a drug overdose that Ra’s declined to help, while another was named Melisande and was attacked by Ra’s former servant Qayin as child Talia watched him push her into a Lazarus Pit where she died.

Is Catwoman Damian Wayne’s mom?

Unlike the other versions, Damien’s mother is Catwoman rather than Talia al Ghul. However, this was only in Alfred’s detective story, as it was later revealed in the comic spin-off that the real Damian’s mother is Talia.

Who is the mother of Damian Wayne?

Talia al Ghul
Damian Wayne/Mother

He is raised by his mother Talia al Ghul and the League of Assassins. He becomes a talented martial artist before his teenage years, at which time Talia reveals Damian’s existence to Bruce Wayne and leaves him in Batman’s custody in an effort to disrupt Batman’s work.

Does Ra’s al Ghul have a daughter?

At some point prior to 1958, Ra’s had a daughter, Talia al Ghul . In 1958, Ra’s initiated Sara Lance into the League and found her to be exceptional in skill as if she had already completed her training before.

Who is Talia al Ghul’s mother?

Created by Dennis O’Neil and Bob Brown in 1971, Talia al Ghul (Arabic: تاليه الغول‎) is Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter. Talia’s mother was a woman of mixed Chinese and Arab ancestry named Melisande, who met Ra’s at the Woodstock festival.

Is Mara al Ghul related to Damian?

Mara al Ghul is a granddaughter of Ra’s al Ghul, daughter to the late Dusan al Ghul and a cousin to Damian Wayne. Introduced as an enemy to Damian she was also raised by the League of Assassins.

Who is Ra’s al Ghul to Felicity?

” —Ra’s al Ghul to Felicity Smoak [src] ” Ra’s al Ghul ” (Arabic: رأس الغول Raʾs al-Ġūl; for Demon’s Head) (before 1854 —May 13, 2015) was the title of an otherwise unnamed man who was the leader of the League of Assassins. He had inherited the title from his predecessor.

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