Who is Rocio Durcal daughter?

Who is Rocio Durcal daughter?

Shaila Dúrcal
Carmen Morales
Rocío Dúrcal/Daughters

Did Rocio Durcal lose a child in Acapulco?

The album and song became a massive hit, with the album being introduced into the Latin Grammy Hall of Fame. While urban legend says the song is about Durcal’s son, who died in an accident in Acapulco, Gabriel wrote “Amor Eterno” in honor of his mother, who died in 1974.

Did Rocio Durcal have a son?

Antonio Morales
Rocío Dúrcal/Sons

Is Rocio Durcal still alive?

Deceased (1944–2006)
Rocío Dúrcal/Living or Deceased

Is Shaila Durcal Rocio Durcal daughter?

She was born in Madrid, daughter of Rocío Durcal, made her musical debut at the age of 12 on TVE singing for Nikka Costa. She performed at the Latin Grammy Show, singing “Amor Eterno”.

Who was Rocio Durcal son?

Where is Rocio Durcal now?

In 2001, Rocio Durcal was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus that unfortunately was later found to have spread to her lung and brain. Despite extensive treatment, Rocio died on 25 March 2006 in Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain.

Where was Rocio Durcal from?

Madrid, Spain
Rocío Dúrcal/Place of birth

Who was Rocio Durcal married to?

Juniorm. 1970–2006
Rocío Dúrcal/Spouse
In 1965, during the making of the movie “Mas Bonita Que Ninguna” (The Fairest of All), she met the man who would become her husband until her death, Antonio Morales, a musician also known as Junior, from the pop group Los Brincos. They married five years later.

Who is the original singer of Amor Eterno?

Juan Gabriel
In 1984, renowned Mexican singer and songwriter Juan Gabriel wrote a ballad that would become the most-played song at memorials and funerals in his home country. It’s called “Amor Eterno” or “Love Eternal.” But in the wake of a mass shooting in El Paso, Tex.

Who was Rocio Durcal husband?

Rocío Dúrcal/Husband

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