Who is the president in the movie Armageddon?

Who is the president in the movie Armageddon?

Stanley Anderson
Armageddon (1998) – Stanley Anderson as President – IMDb.

What did Harry Stamper say before he died?

Harry Stamper: None of you have to go. We can all just sit here on Earth, wait for this big rock to crash into it, kill everything and everybody we know. United States government just asked us to save the world.

What does Harry say at the end of Armageddon?

Harry’s final words may have been a triumphant, “We win, Gracie,” but for the millions of people who’d lost their lives back on Earth, they’ve already lost.

How many days do they have until the time that the asteroid is identified until it hits Earth in Armageddon?

eighteen days
Apparently, this film is set only roughly twenty days in a summer, and at the time the asteroid is discovered, they have just eighteen days till it hits Earth.

Which actor’s character dies at the end of the film Armageddon?

Armageddon (1998) An expert member of a deep-core drilling team, Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) died a self-sacrificial death when he remained behind to manually trigger a nuclear bomb explosion within the threatening asteroid, to destroy it and save the world from extinction.

Was Armageddon realistic?

Armageddon relies heavily on kinetic chaos and stylized spectacle, as well as the suspension of reality (e.g., fire in space). But Armageddon was never supposed to be scientifically accurate, at least according to its director. “Armageddon is like a total fantasy for a 15-year-old,“ Bay told the New York Times in 2001.

Is Bruce Willis’s death in Armageddon better than Deep Impact?

However, like everything else in Armageddon, Bruce Willis’s death is surrounded by lots of silliness, whereas the astronauts in Deep Impact get to die honorably. WINNER: Deep Impact in a close one.

Is deep impact or Armageddon more quotable?

Analysis: Armageddon is far more quotable on the whole, but Deep Impact ‘s best line still need appreciation. It comes at the end of the President’s speech when he tells the entire world the mission has failed and they are all doomed. “So that’s it,” is a totally sincere and believable thing to say right then, and also really funny.

Who are the actors in the movie Armageddon?

Armageddon: Leads – Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck Co-stars – Billy Bob Thornton, Steve Buscemi, Michael Clarke Duncan, William Fichtner, Owen Wilson, Peter Stormare, Will Patton, Keith David, Jason Isaacs, Eddie Griffin, Shawnee Smith, Udo Kier, Grace Zabriskie

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