Who is the president of Argentina now?

Who is the president of Argentina now?

Current President Alberto Fernández was sworn into office on 10 December 2019. He succeeded Mauricio Macri. The Constitution of Argentina, along with several constitutional amendments, establishes the requirements, powers, and responsibilities of the president and term of office and the method of election. This section does not cite any sources.

Who led in Argentina’s nationwide primary in 2019?

^ Mander, Benedict (12 August 2019). “Alberto Fernández leads in Argentina’s nationwide primary”. Financial Times. Retrieved 26 November 2019. ^ “Alberto Fernández: “El Presidente tiene que llegar al 10 de diciembre ” ” (in Spanish).

How did Alejandro Gómez become president of Argentina?

Provisional President of the Senate exercising the Executive Power, as the civil procedures to replace the deposed president were followed and Vice President Alejandro Gómez had resigned in 1958. Indirect elections with Peronism barred from elections. Ousted from office by a coup d’état. Coup d’état Beginning of the Argentine Revolution.

Who was the first female president of Argentina?

First female president: Isabel Perón (1974–1976). First directly elected female president: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, in 2007. Presidents who died in office: Manuel Quintana (1906), Roque Sáenz Peña (1914) and Juan Perón (1974).

What happened to the president of Argentina in 1860?

On 18 October 1860, a Constitutional reform is adopted, proclaiming the Argentine Republic. Resigned after the failure of the Pact of San José de Flores and the national government defeat to Buenos Aires Province in the Battle of Pavón. Vice President under Derqui, assumed the presidency after his resignation.

President: Alberto Fernández (since 10 December 2019); the president is both chief of state and head of government. President Alberto Fernández, who took office in December 2019, was elected on pledges to resurrect the Argentinian economy after a long period of economic downturns.

When did Juan Peron become president of Argentina?

The military seized power in 1976. The dictatorship of General Jorge Videla was characterised by the ‘Dirty War’ in which opponents were eliminated 1973 – The Peronist party wins elections in March, Peron becomes president in September. 1974 – Peron dies in July. His third wife, Isabel, succeeds him.

What happened in Argentina in 2011?

2011 October – Benefiting from strong economic growth, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner wins a second term with a landslide 54% of the vote. 2012 November – Congress approves a law to lower the voting age to 16.

What type of government does Argentina have?

Argentina is a federal representative democratic Republic. Executive power is held by the President of the Argentine nation and is his/her responsibility to respond to national interests.

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