Who is the richest Nascar owner?

Who is the richest Nascar owner?

Here’s The 20 Richest NASCAR Drivers Today

  • Kasey Kahne – $50 million.
  • Carl Edwards – $50 million.
  • Kyle Busch – $50 million.
  • Kurt Busch – $50 million.
  • Greg Biffle – $50 million.
  • Jeff Burton – $45 million.
  • Michael Waltrip – $35 million.
  • Denny Hamlin – $30 million.

How much is Jeff Gordon?

As of this writing, Jeff Gordon’s net worth is $200 million dollars. He is one of the highest-paid NASCAR drivers of all time, having earned over $500 million in winnings and endorsements….Jeff Gordon Net Worth.

Net Worth: $200 Million
Profession: Voice Actor, Race car driver, Actor
Nationality: United States of America

What is the richest NASCAR team?

Hendrick Motorsports
Hendrick Motorsports was the most valuable NASCAR racing team with a value of 315 million U.S. dollars….NASCAR racing teams ranked by team value in 2019 (in million U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Team value in million U.S. dollars
Hendrick Motorsports 315

Who is the highest paid NASCAR driver?

Kevin Harvick – $13.1 million. The driver with the third-most wins in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, Kevin Harvick has repeatedly proven himself in both capability and skill in the sport.

Who is the richest NASCAR driver of all time?

Jimmie Johnson – $120 million. Jimmie Johnson is one of the richest NASCAR drivers of all time, and he’s one of the most well-recognized race car drivers in the world. Success may seem to come naturally for Jimmie Johnson, but it didn’t come easy.

Who are the best NASCAR drivers?

1) Richard Petty. 2) Dale Earnhardt Sr. 3) Jimmie Johnson. 4) Jeff Gordon. 5) David Pearson.

Which NASCAR racer has the most wins?

Richard Petty has the most career wins and is tied with Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson for the most championships at seven. He raced in over 1,000 races in his 35-year career and it’s likely nobody will ever touch his 200 wins.

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