Who is the strongest in Seven Knights revolution?

Who is the strongest in Seven Knights revolution?


  • While Mist is considered the number one, Freyja has bigger ‘overall’ strength.
  • It can be said that Yeonhee’s power is really immense, ranking third without her myth form.
  • Longevity here should be thought of as ‘resistance’ or ‘endurance’.

Who is the villain in Seven Knights?

▲Hero Information

English Name: Shane
Japanese Name: 二ア
Race: Human/Demon
Gender: Female
Age: 27

Who is Nemo’s hero in Seven Knights?

Nemo is imprisoned in Granseed’s dungeon and Faria reveals that his heroic spirit is Jenius, a Knight that once served as the original librarian of Granseed before selling his soul to Physis and burning that library to the ground.

Does Seven Knights 2 have PVP?

Seven Knights 2 Tier List – Best Heroes for PVP. This section of the Seven Knights 2 tier list covers the best Arena heroes for the game’s competitive PVP mode. As a team builder, strategy plays a major role in the strength and ultimate success of a squad.

Who is genius in seven Knight?

Genius Aleem

Genius Aleem Terra Confederation

Who is Nemo the successor of?

One day, Faria, a successor of the Seven Knights, saves an ordinary boy named Nemo from the forces of Destruction. During the ensuing battle, Nemo summons the power of a hero and becomes a successor as well.

Who is Nemo successor in Seven Knights?

What is Nemo in Seven Knights revolution?

An ordinary boy named Nemo is saved by a girl named Faria from the forces of destruction. During the ensuing battle, Nemo summons the power of a hero and becomes a successor and so an epic journey where the past and present collide begins.

How many heroes are there in Seven Knights revolution?

Long ago, the evil goddess Nestra gave rise to the cult of Physis, and they did their best to destroy the world. They were stopped by seven heroes known as the Seven Knights, but the heroes were not fully successful, and Physis remains a recurring threat.

How many years after seven Knights is seven Knights 2’s story set?

20 years
Many iconic heroes from the original will appear in the latest installment but will be reborn with 3D and photorealistic looks. The story of Seven Knights 2 will occur 20 years after its predecessor and will feature 46 heroes to collect at launch.

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