Who killed Ivypool?

Who killed Ivypool?

“Applefur, kill Ivypool.” Tigerstar’s voice sounded from the shadows. Ivypool had no time to move or even think. Before she understood what was happening, Applefur’s claws had plunged deeply into her throat.

Is Fernsong a boy?

First of all, Fernsong may not have been a very major character, but from what we’ve seen, he’s a good boy.

Does Ivypaw like Tigerheart?

The thing is, she never once seemed sympathetic for Dovewing for breaking the warrior code. That she was in love with Tigerheart. Ivypool, instead of supporting her and trying to talk her out of her feelings calmly, was always snappy about it!

Is Fernsong a tom?

Fernsong is a pale yellow tabby tom. Eventually, he became an apprentice under Rosepetal with the name of Fernpaw, and later earned his warrior name of Fernsong.

What is Bluestar’s personality?

Bluestar seems ambitious, determined, loyal, and brave. She sacrifices her life for Fireheart’s. She is also pretty wise and makes good choices. Goals: To become leader: Bluestar wants to become leader of Thunderclan because she thinks it can save the Clan from Thistleclaw.

How did Ivypaw feel when Snowpaw mewed at her?

He mewed encouragingly. Ivypaw felt comforted. Very. The encouraging words of Snowpaw lifted the insults off her shoulders and threw them all the way to the Dark Forest. In return, she touched his flank with her tail (IN A FRIENDLY WAY) and smiled genuinely. “Thanks a lot, Snowpaw. You and Frostpaw mean everything to me.” Snowpaw smiled back.

What was jayjayfeather’s relationship with Ivypaw like?

Jayfeather had a special liking towards Frostpaw and Snowpaw, too. Even Firestar, the fair and just leader of ThunderClan, directed all of his attention towards Dovepaw. By the time Snowpaw came it, Frostpaw was already well asleep, her face still matted with tears. Ivypaw looked him in the eye and nodded wearily.

Why did Dovepaw get compared to frostpaw?

Bumblepaw, Briarpaw, Blossompaw and almost all the senior warriors preferred Dovepaw over all the apprentices. She and Frostpaw were compared the most with her: they were made apprentices on the same day and were all she cats. Even her parents asked why she wasn’t doing as well as her littermate. At least Snowpaw was still there for her.

How did frostpaw react to Ivypaw’s apprentice’s thrush?

She saw the same eagerness for attention in Ivypaw’s eyes fade to sadness and envy too as the white and silver tabby apprentice placed her thrush on the pile. “Hi, Ivypaw. That was a good catch!” Frostpaw meowed as she followed Ivypaw into the apprentices’ den. “Thanks…yours too.”

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