Who makes the fastest catamaran?

Who makes the fastest catamaran?

TS 42 (ORC 42) The TS, or Tres Simple, cruising catamarans, designed by Marsaudon Composites, are some of the fastest cruising catamarans in the world.

How long is the mast on a Hobie 16?

Hobie 16

Mast length 8.08m (26′ 6″)
Mainsail area 13.77m² (148.2 ft²)
Jib/genoa area 5.12m² (55.1 ft²)

Why is trimaran faster?

Trimaran: Speed and Safety Due to the relationship between speed and the ‘waterline length’ of a boat, i.e. that more hull length in the water leads to higher speeds, the third hull actually makes trimarans drastically faster than any other hull shape at a given length.

What are the fastest cruising catamarans?

Some of the fastest cruising catamarans include the Gunboat 68 (35 knots), Outremer 45 (25 knots), ORC50 (25 knots), FastCat 435 (20 knots), TS 42 (35 knots), and Lagoon 440 (20 knots). Yet, there are many more cats that can reach 35 knots safely. If you are interested in knowing about the fastest cruising catamarans, I have you covered.

How long is a bebeam catamaran?

Beam: 24.3 ft (7.4 m) Based in France, Outremer (pronounced uutremeer ) designed their Outremer 45 to be a long-lasting cruising catamaran that sails smoothly at high speeds. The Outremer 45 can reach about 15 knots, but the most comfortable sailing speed is 10 knots.

How fast does an Outremer catamaran go?

The Outremer 4x is a stable and comfortable high-speeding cruising catamaran that performs ocean crossings and confronts any weather with remarkable ease. Named the European Boat of the Year in 2017, this 48-foot (14.6 m) bluewater cruiser sails faster than wind speed and attains maximum cruising speeds of 20 knots.

How big do catamarans get?

Catamarans can vary in size from 14 ft to over 100 ft. Catamarans can come in a wide variety of design types. Sailing Catamarans have been attempting to make advancements over their mono-hulled counterparts.

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