Who must file 05 167?

Who must file 05 167?

If the company does not meet the definition of a Corporation, LLC, limited partnership, professional association, or financial institution, but has an obligation to file and pay any franchise tax, such as a partnership or trust, Texas requires the completion of the OIR (form 05-167).

What is Texas Form 05 102?

Form 05-102, Texas Franchise Tax Public Information Report, is a tax form filed by corporations, limited partnerships, and different business entities that are registered in Texas. Franchise tax is a tax that enterprises pay when they want to establish their business in certain states.

What is Texas FEI number?

SECTION I – PAYEE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER Enter a nine-digit Federal Employer’s Identification (FEI) Number issued by the Internal Revenue Service if the business is a partnership or corporation, etc.

What is a Texas Public Information Report?

The Public Information Report (“PIR”) and Ownership Information Report (“OIR”) – which are separate from the various Texas franchise tax return forms – provide basic information about a Texas entity including the entity’s address and governing authority and must be filed with the Texas Comptroller annually, typically …

Who Must File Texas Public Information Report?

Information Reports: Corporations, LLCs, Limited Partnerships, Professional Associations and financial institutions must file the Public Information Report (PIR). All other entity types must file the Ownership Information Report (OIR).

Does Texas require estimated taxes?

Texas law does not require the filing of estimated tax reports or payments.

Who must file public information report Texas?

How do I get a public information report in Texas?

To obtain further information or to find the most recent version of a PIR filed with the Comptroller of Public Accounts, please contact the Open Records Division by email or by calling (800) 531-5441, ext. 6-6057 or (512) 936-6057.

How do I generate a 05-102 or 05-167 tax form?

Check the box labeled Entity other than corp, LLC, LP or FIS [Override] to generate the 05-102. The program will generate either the 05-102 or 05-167 based on your entry on the General > Client Information screen for Type of Entity. Go to State & Local > TX Franchise Tax.

What is Texas form 05-102 – Texas franchise tax?

Form 05-102 – Texas Franchise Tax Public Information Report: Each corporation, LLC, limited partnership, professional association and financial institution that has a franchise tax responsibility must file a Public Information Report (PIR) to satisfy their filing obligation.

What forms do I need to file a Texas franchise tax return?

Filing for each of these two scenarios must include the appropriate information report (Form 05-102, Texas Franchise Tax Public Information Report (PDF), or Form 05-167, Texas Franchise Tax Ownership Information Report (PDF)) based on entity type.

Which form do I file in lieu of the 05-102 or 05-167?

Passive entities file form 05-163 in lieu of the 05-102 or 05-167. ProConnect Tax Online will automatically determine which report is needed based on your inputs throughout the program. Click on your return type, below, to view instructions to override the program’s automatic determination.

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