Who owns all the Ferrari 250 GTO?

Who owns all the Ferrari 250 GTO?

Current 250 GTO owners include Ralph Lauren; Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason; Peter Sachs, grandson of Goldman Sachs founder Samuel Sachs; and Jon Shirley, of Microsoft.

Who owns Ferrari 250 GTO number 22?

And in October 2017, Washington, D.C.-based lawyer Bernard Carl sold his blue 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO to British classic car trader and former race driver Gregor Fisken for $44 million. Now Carl and Fisken are in the middle of a $500,000 legal battle over the car’s gearbox.

How rich is Nick Mason?

As of 2022, the net worth of Nick Mason is $180 million.

How much is Nick Mason’s Ferrari GTO worth?

Mason bought the Ferrari 250 GTO in 1978. As a founding member of Pink Floyd way back in 1965. Try not to choke, but the drummer paid only £35,000. The car is now valued at £40 million, so it was a good investment.

Is Pink Floyd rich?

Pink Floyd officially broke up in the 1990s; but their collective net worth exceeds $800 million.

Is Tony Mason related to Nick Mason?

Despite the same surname, significant facial resemblance and similar hobbies, Mason is not related to Nick Mason of Pink Floyd fame.

Where does Anthony Wang live?

Anthony Wang lives on Long Island and regularly races his cars at Monterey and at various other locations within the US. I have not met him, but people’s descriptions of him are consistent with what I have heard. He has 2 X 250GTOs (s/n 3769GT (silver) and s/n 4713GT (red, LMB body)) as well as a 330LMB (red, s/n 4453SA).

Does Tony Wang own a 250 GTO?

The 250P on Victory By Design – Ferrari was Tony Wang’s. He owns a black 250 GTO s/n 4219GT and lives in Britain. A couple of years ago (I think in 2001) he celebrated a 250 GTO party at his castle in England (there are some pics at Barchetta).

What is Tony Wang’s collection?

Actually, Tony Wang is also a great collector beyond cars, furniture and paintings being but two areas of great interest. He has a fantastic oil, a huge painting, of a Ferrari sports racer running through the mountains, perhaps the MM. What a painting that is! No doubt worth a fortune

Where does Brandon Wang keep his cars?

Brandon Wang on the other hand (NOT RELATED OR THE SAME PERSON), keeps most of his cars in England and races his cars usually all over Europe. He also has a 250GTO (dark blue s/n 4219GT). For a list of the cars he has owned, (NOTE he does not still own all of these cars, same applies for Anthony Wang’s list) see my website:

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