Who owns Ardnamurchan Peninsula?

Who owns Ardnamurchan Peninsula?

Donald Houston
The Ardnamurchan estate is owned by a chap called Donald Houston, who was bemused when Channel 4 first approached him about Eden.

Has Glenborrodale castle been sold?

When Glenborrodale castle was listed for sale in 2018, a news report indicated that it has 16 bedrooms and was built in red Dumfriesshire sandstone. It had previously operated as a small hotel and event venue….Glenborrodale.

Glenborrodale Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Bhorghdail
Fire Scottish
Ambulance Scottish

Why is Mingary Castle closed?

After a multimillion pound refurbishment carried out in 2016, the castle opened and then sadly closed in 2019.

How big is Ardnamurchan estate?

Today, the 10,000 hectares of uncompromisingly rugged wilderness that we call home is host to a wide range of livestock. Our Estates currently run 2,500 breeding sheep including Blackface, Cheviot and Swaledale cross ewes.

Can you visit Mingary Castle?

It is not possible to gain access to the Castle, but you can examine the south curtain wall and the rock-cut ditch through the wire fencing. The rest of the castle can be best seen from the shingle beach by taking the path over a stile on the west side of field and following it down to the beach.

Where is Ardnamurchan in Scotland?

Ardnamurchan (/ˌɑːrdnəˈmɜːrxən/, Scottish Gaelic: Àird nam Murchan: headland of the great seas) is a 50-square-mile (130-square-kilometre) peninsula in the ward management area of Lochaber, Highland, Scotland, noted for being very unspoiled and undisturbed.

Do you need to book the Corran Ferry?

The Corran Ferry No need to book – just turn up and pay on the ferry.

Where is the Ardnamurchan peninsula?

The Ardnamurchan peninsula is a wild, remote yet beautiful place full of wonderful scenery situated on the west coast of Scotland. The area is noted for being very unspoilt and undisturbed and its remoteness is accentuated by the fact that the main access route from Salen on Loch Sunart is a single track winding road for much of its length.

Is Ardnamurchan Scotland’s last wild place?

Remote, timeless, beautiful and bounded by sea on three sides, this is one of Scotland’s last truly wild places. Ardnamurchan strikes a mesmerising balance between ruggedness and beauty, all forged by the forces of nature.

Why invest in Ardnamurchan estates?

Ardnamurchan strikes a mesmerising balance between ruggedness and beauty, all forged by the forces of nature. It’s a location that’s so of its own that it feels almost island-like. Ardnamurchan Estates enjoys an enviable reputation for its red deer which have been managed and improved through selective breeding for many generations

What is Ardnamurchan like?

Ardnamurchan may appear, today, to be rather a peaceful, quiet and remote corner of Scotland. However, the fact that it is a peninsula on the west coast with poor land access made it ideal for the “power barons” of the past.

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