Who owns Lapco FR?

Who owns Lapco FR?

Freddie Triche – Owner – Lapco Manufacture | LinkedIn.

Where is Lapco made?

Morgan City, Louisiana
LAPCO Manufacturing, Inc. is family owned and operated in Morgan City, Louisiana. grew from there, and the operation expanded to include high-quality welding shirts, welding leathers, and other accessories after a short time.

Why choose LAPCO Fr distributors?

LAPCO FR distributors enjoy multiple advantages like excellent customer service, pain-free inventory acquisition, and… “Our experience with LAPCO has been exceptional. Quality garments and they can turn custom coverall orders around faster than anyone in the business of providing FR garments.

How many assembly lines does LAPCO have?

The precise planning and coordination, according to the principles of lean manufacturing, used in the company’s facilities allows for 12 separate assembly lines constructing LAPCO products at any one time. We offer embroidery and digitizing, custom reflective taping, patches, and heat transfers on all of our products.

What are the safety standards for LAPCO products?

LAPCO products are certified to meet standards set forth by NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, and ASTM F1506. Wearer safety is top priority and all aspects of garment construction are engineered to adhere to these standards and best practices.


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