Who owns the Georgia 300?

Who owns the Georgia 300?

The Georgia 300 is a privately owned railroad car owned by John H. “Jack” Heard of Florida.

What is a Pullman Georgia 300?

Georgia 300, as it is called, is a classic looking heavyweight observation car from the golden era of rail travel that was built by the Pullman Standard Co. shops in 1930.

What presidents have been transported by the Georgia 300?

The Georgia 300 has hosted/carried Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. In 2004, presidential candidates John F. Kerry and running mate Sen. John Edwards, traveled aboard the car from St. Louis to Kingman, Ariz., following the Democratic Convention in Boston.

How do I cancel my car registration in Georgia?

Complete a Bill of Sale (you can use Form T-7 Bill of Sale ). You must cancel your registration within 30 days of cancelling insurance coverage to avoid fines and penalties related to Georgia law requiring insurance coverage. Remember! It is illegal for you to drive or allow someone else to drive a vehicle that is uninsured.

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