Who plays Rose in American Dragon?

Who plays Rose in American Dragon?

Mae Whitman
Mae Whitman: Rose, Additional Voices, Huntsgirl, Little Girl Jump to: Photos (5)

What happened to Rose on American Dragon?

After her alter-ego was exposed to Jake during the ski trip, Rose was forced to disappear only to later return after retraining with the Huntsclan. However, in the last episode, she regains her memory and helps Jake and his friends save the Magical World and defeat the Dark Dragon once and for all.

Who is Rose’s love interest?

Jake bumps into Rose once again with no memory of him other than looking familiar. Rose then explained how she had found the pre-wish picture and restored her memory, she and Jake discover their romantic feelings for both of them and continued their relationship.

Does Rose find out Jake is the dragon?

In order to escape, he must form a team with them. Eventually, Rose finds out Jake is the American Dragon. Instead of killing him as her purpose in life, she just lets him go and runs off. Much to his dismay, Jake found out she has transferred to another school.

Does rose like Jake?

Rose meets Jake for the first time. Bumping into Jake as she was starting to attend Millard Fillmore Middle School, Rose instantly became the object of his strong and pure romantic love and affections.

Why does Rose have a dragon birthmark?

All Huntsclan members are born with a birthmark in the shape of a coiled dragon somewhere on their body. This mark is often how a baby is found and taken by the Huntsclan, as it happened with Rose. Its true origin or purpose was never established—or if, indeed the Mark has any magical properties at all.

Did Rose ever love Pearl?

Pearl’s use of the word ‘won’ implies they were in some kind of battle or competition for Rose’s love and poor Pearl is heartbroken that she lost. To put it plainly, yes. Pearl was in love with Rose. This had been hinted at a lot throughout the show, and in the episode Mr Greg, it was all but confirmed.

Who knows Jake is a dragon?

Tropes. Bittersweet Ending: Trixie and Spud know Jake is a dragon and are okay with it, and in turn, Jake forgoes wiping their memories. But, it’s strongly implied that Rotwood now has suspicions that Jake and the dragon are one and the same.

Why is Pearl obsessed with Rose?

Rose wanted to pearl to be her own gem and if she stayed around it wouldn’t prove anything. Pearl was so dependent on rose that she would of taken anything that Rose owned and probably never let go of them. When she didn’t know about her sword she flip out knowing that rose didn’t tell her everything.

Does Rose and Jake get together?

After Rose’s wish for all Huntsmen to be destroyed—herself included, Jake immediately wished she had never been a member of the Huntsclan. This ended their relationship until the Dark Dragon attacked the Dragon Council in Hong Kong and Rose regained her memory after being shown a picture of her and Jake at the dance.

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