Who plays the song at the Hop?

Who plays the song at the Hop?

Danny & the Juniors
At The Hop/Artists

What was the B side of at the Hop?

At the Hop

“At the Hop”
B-side “Sometimes (When I’m All Alone)”
Released Fall 1957
Genre Rock and roll
Length 2:39

What year did at the Hop by Danny & the Juniors come out?

At The Hop/Released

Who played piano on at the Hop?

He wrote “Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay” and co-wrote a number of other hit songs, including “At the Hop,” “You Don’t Own Me”, and “1-2-3.”…David White (musician)

David White
Genres Pop, rock and roll
Occupation(s) Singer songwriter arranger record producer
Instruments Piano
Years active 1955–2019

Who were the members of Danny & the Juniors?

Danny RappLead Vocals
Joe TerryJoseph Terranova
Danny & the Juniors/Members
Danny & the Juniors are an American doo-wop and rock and roll vocal group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania originally consisting of Danny Rapp, Dave White, Frank Maffei and Joe Terranova. Formed in 1955, they are most widely recognized for their 1957 hit single “At the Hop”.

What happened to Danny and the Juniors?

Danny and the Juniors broke up and regrouped over the years, and split into 2 groups in 1978. One featured Joe Terranova and Frank Maffei, while the other featured Rapp with various backing singers. Both groups performed under the “Danny and the Juniors” name.

Is the hop a dance?

They were dance parties typically held in a high school cafeteria or gymnasium. The dances were called sock hops because the dancers were required to take off their shoes to protect the varnished floor from scuff marks.

Did Danny of Danny & the Juniors commit suicide?

— The last booking for Danny Rapp, who achieved rock ‘n’ roll fame in the 1950s, was marked by erratic behavior and numerous problems before he shot himself to death, acquaintances said.

Are any members of Danny & the Juniors still alive?

David White died on March 16, 2019, at the age of 79. Joe Terranova died on April 15, 2019 at age 78.

What soft rock artist had their first hit song Diana when they were 16 years old?

May 20, 1957 (Don Costa, New York City, U.S.) “Diana” is a song written and first performed by Paul Anka, who recorded it in May 1957 at Don Costa’s studio in New York City.

Who was the lead singer of Danny and the Juniors?

Danny Rapp
Danny & the Juniors/Lead singers

Do sock hops still exist?

Many sock hops are still hosted as school or church events, but individuals that like themed birthday parties can also have a sock hop party for family and friends.

How did Danny and the juniors get at the hop?

Early in 1958, Dick Clark presented Danny & the Juniors with a gold record for “At The Hop” during an American Bandstand TV show — the show where the boys had made their national debut. According to one listing at Billboard magazine, “At The Hop” is ranked the 23rd all-time, best-selling record.

What year did Danny and the juniors come out?

Danny & the Juniors were labeled Best New Group of 1957. Early in 1958, Dick Clark presented Danny & the Juniors with a gold record for “At The Hop” during an American Bandstand TV show — the show where the boys had made their national debut.

When did Danny Rapp and the juniors start singing?

“At The Hop” 1957-1958 Danny & The Juniors – from left, Danny Rapp, Dave White, Joe Terranova, and Frank Maffei – rose to fame in the late 1950s with “At The Hop.” They began singing on Philadelphia street corners in the mid-1950s.

How many songs did Danny and the juniors play on 45 rpm?

Record sleeve for Danny & the Juniors’ extended play 45 rpm with four songs: “At The Hop,” “Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay,” “Sometimes” and “School Boy Romance,” 1958. “Overnight, we went from being unknowns to music stars,” Joe Terry would recall years later.

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