Who plays the taco guy in Turbo?

Who plays the taco guy in Turbo?

Michael Peña as Tito Lopez, a “Dos Bros” taco truck driver who finds and befriends Turbo.

Where is Angelo in Turbo fast?

Angelo is the brother of Tito. He works alongside him at the Dos Bros restaurant located at a run down strip mall….Angelo Lopez.

Voice actor Luis Guzmán

Who voiced Angelo in Turbo?

Luis GuzmánTurbo
Angelo/Voiced by

Who voices whiplash in turbo fast?

Samuel L. JacksonTurbo
John Eric BentleyTurbo Fast
Whiplash/Voiced by
Smoove Move (voice, Snoop Dogg), left, Burn (voice, Maya Rudolph), Turbo (voice, Ryan Reynolds), Skidmark (voice, Ben Schwartz) and Whiplash (voice, Samuel L. Jackson) in the movie “Turbo.”

Who plays the pink snail in Turbo?

Turbo (character)

Voice actor Ryan Reynolds (film) Renato Novara (Italy) Saar Badishi (Israel)
Personality Racing-good, curious, free-spirited, brave, adventurous
Full name Theodore
Alias Theo Turbo Little Amigo (referred by Tito) Garden Snail My little Shooting Star (Tito)

What is Turbo the snail top speed?

200 miles per hour
His molecular structure altered by the volatile nitro us oxide that fuels the car, Turbo gains the ability to travel at speeds up to 200 miles per hour.

Who is Angelo Lopez?

Angelo Lopez is an actor and producer, known for Salt (2010), The Poetry Lesson (2005) and Street …

Who voices whiplash in Turbo fast?

What is Turbo’s real name snail?

Theo Turbo
He is a snail who dreams of being the fastest racer in the entire world….Turbo (character)

Full name Theodore
Alias Theo Turbo Little Amigo (referred by Tito) Garden Snail My little Shooting Star (Tito)
Occupation Tomatoes harvester (formerly) Racer
Friends Chet, Burn, Tito, Whiplash, Skidmark, Smoove Move, White Shadow

Is Tito in the TV series Turbo?

In the Tv Series, he often appears in the episodes. Tito is a taco seller who is a dreamer like Theo (Turbo). He befriends Theo after seeing how fast he is and believes that Theo can save the business by winning the Indy 500 . He is one of the 6 tritagonists of the movie Turbo.

Who are the actors in the movie Turbo?

Cast (in credits order) Ryan Reynolds Turbo (voice) Paul Giamatti Chet (voice) Michael Peña Tito (voice) Samuel L. Jackson Whiplash (voice) Luis Guzmán Angelo (voice)

What is Tito Lopez job in Turbo?

Tito Lopez Tito Lopez is the tetartagonist of the Turbo franchise. He is one of the six tritagonists of Turbo, and a supporting character in Turbo: F.A.S.T.. a Dos Bros employee working along with his brother, Angelo, primarily as a truck driver.

Who are the characters in Turbo Fast?

Marty (Turbo FAST) Mel Shellman. P. Paul (Turbo FAST) Q. Queen Bananica. Queen Invicta. R. Rockwell.

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