Who won Frye vs Takayama?

Who won Frye vs Takayama?

Takayama managed to deliver a belly-to-belly suplex, and land a heavy knee but Frye got up and both continued striking as previously. In the second round, after two minutes more of punching, the American finally overpowered Takayama and pounded him with hammerfists from the mount, leading the referee to stop the match.

When was Yoshihiro Takayama vs Don?

OTD in 2002: Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama’s Fight Of The Year at PRIDE 21 😱

Is UFC big in Japan?

While Japan is home to many of the world’s leading martial arts, MMA has a chequered history there. “When you look at the problems that have plagued Japan in the past, UFC has failed miserably in Japan because of their DNA and their approach,” he said.

Which country has the strongest fighters?

Brazil. With the sport’s top pound-for-pound fighter and the heavyweight champion, you could argue that Brazil gets the top spot. While Brazil does not have quite the amount of depth as the United States, Brazilians will be top contenders and championship fighters in every weight division from here until forever. 1.

Does Japan like MMA?

“The fans in Japan are very sophisticated … we have a fan base that knows what good MMA is, and what other fake combat sports are; they know the difference between those things and they know who the stars are,” he says. “They know that all the best fighters in the world compete in the UFC … this is as real as it gets.

Why are there no Japanese fighters in UFC?

Here are five main reasons why Japanese fighters fail in the UFC. Physical Inferiority Complex. When it comes to physical stature, athleticism and strength, Japanese athletes often feel inferior in their physical make-up against the best of the best in the West.


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