Who won the Tiesto remix competition?

Who won the Tiesto remix competition?

Canadian artist and guitarist, Sparkee wins Tiësto’s remix contest with his groovy rendition of “The Business.” Back in March, Tiësto announced a remix competition for his new track, “The Business” with Label Radar offering one winner an official release on Atlantic Records along with $7,000 worth of studio gear and …

What is a remix contest?

In a remix competition, an artist publicly releases each individual component of a song or their ‘stems’, they’ve produced to their fanbase. Amateur producers can then have a go at revamping the song in their own, unique style.

How do you know if a song is EDM?

A track or a sound is EDM, when major components of the tracks are electronically generated or when the samplers are used. Back in some century people wanted to replace their bands consisting of a drummers, pianist etc and perform individually That led to the innovation of electronic music .

How long do Metapop competitions take to judge?

It usually takes 1-3 months before the results are in. On the discussion page of any challenge you can talk about the challenge and ask questions, please don’t go too far of topic in there, we have groups for that.

How do I enter a remix contest?

To enter a remix contest simply log in to your SKIO account, or sign up here. Navigate to the Contests page, select the contest you wish to enter and click the Download Stems button. Show us what you’ve got!

What is the remix contest on SkIO music?

Artists and Record Labels can promote new releases and discover new talent by holding a Remix Contest on SKIO Music. Boost your promotional activities now, reach out to [email protected] How are winners selected? Winners are selected by the artist and label and do not affect your contest ranking.

How do I submit a remix to a playlist?

Upload your remix as a .wav file. At this point you can either click the Submit Track button or Edit Track Info. If you choose to Edit Track Info, fill in the necessary information, click the Save as Draft button at the bottom, and then click Submit Remix.

What are some of the best remixes you’ve ever heard?

Aash Mehta – Infinite Summers ft. Lydia Kelly (Remix Stems) Abba – gimme gimme gimme (Remix Pack) ABC – When Smokey Sings (Multitrack) (Stems) Above & Beyond ft. Zoë Johnston – No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) (4 Stems) Above & Beyond ft Alex Vargas – Blue Sky Action (Stems + Midi)

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