Who won TUF season 8?

Who won TUF season 8?

Efrain Escudero
Season 8: Efrain Escudero, lightweight Efrain Escudero decisioned Brooklyn’s Phillipe Nover on Dec. 13, 2008, to win the contract. Less than two years later, he was cut from the UFC after failing to make weight at Fight Night and going 2-2 since winning the TUF crown.

Where can I watch all TUF seasons?

ESPN+ not only gives you access to the latest episodes of The Return of the Ultimate Fighter; you can also stream every single episode of all the previous 28 seasons.

How much do TUF contestants get paid?

So TUF fighters don’t get paid. They only get the occasional bonus for winning a challenge, etc.

Who won Season 6 of The Ultimate Fighter?

Tommy Speer At The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale, he quickly gave up his back to Mac Danzig. Seconds later, Danzig cinched up a fight-ending rear-naked choke at 2:01 of the first round to become the Season 6 winner.

Do fighters get paid on TUF?

Each year consists of three fights, the first year’s purse per fight consists of $12,000 guaranteed with a $12,000 win bonus (a maximum of $24,000 per fight).

What happened at the Ultimate Fighter 2 finale?

The Ultimate Fighter 2 Finale featured undersized wrestler Rashad Evans taking on ex-football player Brad Imes. As coaches, Tito and Ken train a new army of mixed martial artists from the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain.

What happens in the TUF house?

Just a day after moving into the TUF House, vicious smack talk begins between the fighters. Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin pick their squads and begin training. Then the first two welterweights face off in the first preliminary fight. When one fighter engages in noisy late night activities, he creates enemies on both teams.

Who is Brendan Schaub fighting on TUF 10?

And two semifinal fights in one show. James McSweeney battles Roy Nelson, and Brendan Schaub takes on Rampage’s lone fighter, Marcus Jones. Former professional football player turned MMA fighter, Brendan Schaub, goes toe-to-toe with the more experienced Roy Nelson in the TUF 10 Finale of the all-heavyweights season.

What happens in the first episode of ‘MMA Fight Club’?

The opening fight of the season is a knock-out brawl between two welterweights. Coach Hughes gets annoyed with the constant whining of one of his fighters. A new fighter arrives at the house ruffling some feathers and the heavyweights prepare for their first battle in the Octagon.

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