Who wrote the opera Othello?

Who wrote the opera Othello?

Arrigo Boito

Otello, opera in four acts by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi (Italian libretto by Arrigo Boito) that premiered at La Scala opera house in Milan on February 5, 1887. Based on William Shakespeare’s play Othello, the opera was Verdi’s next-to-last and brought the composer to the peak of his dramatic power.

Who wrote the libretto for Verdi’s Otello 1887?

Librettist Arrigo Boito
Language Italian
Based on Othello by Shakespeare
Premiere 5 February 1887 Teatro alla Scala, Milan

Is Mirella Freni still alive?

Deceased (1935–2020)
Mirella Freni/Living or Deceased

Where is Mirella Freni from?

Modena, Italy
Mirella Freni/Place of birth

Who composed Otello and requiem masses?

The Messa da Requiem is a musical setting of the Catholic funeral mass (Requiem) for four soloists, double choir and orchestra by Giuseppe Verdi….Requiem (Verdi)

Messa da Requiem
Requiem by Giuseppe Verdi
First edition title page, Ricordi, 1874
Related Messa per Rossini
Occasion In memory of Alessandro Manzoni

What does the name Otello mean?

o-tello, ot(el)-lo. Origin:Italian. Popularity:5595. Meaning:wealth, fortune.

When was Otello written?

Othello/Date written
Othello, the Moor of Venice is a tragedy by William Shakespeare believed to have been written in approximately 1603, and based on the Italian short story ‘Un Capitano Moro’ (‘A Moorish Captain’) by Cinthio, a disciple of Boccaccio, first published in 1565.

Where is Mirella Freni buried?

Duomo di Modena, Modena, Italy
Mirella Freni/Place of burial

When was Mirella Freni born?

February 27, 1935
Mirella Freni/Date of birth
Mirella Freni (1935–2020) Mirella Freni was born on February 27, 1935 in Modena, Italy as Mirella Fregni.

What operas were composed by the iconic Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi?

In the meantime he had composed three operas that remain his best known and best loved: Rigoletto (1851), Il trovatore (1853; The Troubadour), and La traviata (1853).

Who wrote Requiem?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Franz Xaver SüssmayrJoseph Leopold Eybler

What language does Othello mean wealth?

The Italian Otello is seen as a version of the name Otto, meaning “rich and prosperous.” This feels closer to the character here, but still not quite right.

Who was Mirella Freni and how did she die?

The opera star excelled in roles by Verdi, Puccini, Mozart and Tchaikovsky. The opera world is mourning one of its finest singers, legendary soprano Mirella Freni. Freni, who would have turned 85 later this month, died in her home in Modena following a long illness.

What do Mirella Freni and Luciano Pavarotti have in common?

In an extraordinary coincidence, the young Mirella and Luciano Pavarotti shared the same wet nurse as babies. Both their mothers worked in the same tobacco factory, making their own milk unsuitable. Freni was a child prodigy, singing ‘ Sempre libera ‘ from La traviata in her first public performance at the age of ten.

When did Gilda Freni start singing?

In 1961, she graced the stage at Covent Garden as Nanetta in Falstaff. The great conductor, Herbert von Karajan, became one of Freni’s loyal supporters. He encouraged her to move towards heavier repertoire, including Desdemona in Otello, which she first sang under him in 1970.

What happened to Luciana Freni?

Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported the news of her passing on Sunday afternoon. Freni was born in 1935 in Modena, Italy and enjoyed a long and successful career, carefully managing her roles so that even in her 60s she could still sing the part of Mimì in Puccini ‘s La bohème in opera houses around the world.

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