Why are they called Lighthouse Family?

Why are they called Lighthouse Family?

The name Lighthouse Family seemed to be the last piece of the jigsaw.” And Paul, who graduated from Newcastle University, said he had put up notices saying he was looking for a singer and a friend told him about Tunde. “When he sang Ocean Drive in front of us, there was an exchange of glances,” Paul told The Guardian.

Who is Lighthouse Family?

Tunde BaiyewuVocals
Paul TuckerKeyboard instrument
Lighthouse Family/Members

Are the lighthouse family related?

Lighthouse Family are a British musical duo that rose to prominence in the mid-1990s and initially remained active until the early 2000s….

Lighthouse Family
Members Tunde Baiyewu Paul Tucker

What nationality are the lighthouse family?

The Lighthouse Family are a British duo. They consist of vocalist Tunde Baiyewu (born November 25, 1968 in London) and keyboard player Paul Tucker, (born 12 August 1968, in Crystal Palace, London) and formed in 1993 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England after meeting at college.

When did the lighthouse family start?

Lighthouse Family/Active from
Lighthouse Family are a British musical duo comprised of singer Tunde Baiyewu (born Emmanuel Babatunde Baiyewu, in London, November 25, 1965) and keyboardist, songwriter and producer Paul Tucker (born in Crystal Palace on August 12, 1968) who formed in 1993 in Newcastle upon Tyne, after meeting while studying at …

Is Lighthouse a surname?

The surname Lighthouse was first found in Lancashire where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor. But Saxon surnames survived and the family name was first referenced in the 13th century when they held estates in that shire when Michael Lightholers held the estates.

Who’s the lead singer of The Lighthouse Family?

Singer Tunde Baiyewu
Known for their string of easy-listening yet anthemic hits that defined the late 1990s and early 2000s, the pop and soul group are back with their first album of new music in 18 years. Singer Tunde Baiyewu and keyboardist and record producer Paul Tucker are confident it stands up to their previous efforts.

How old is Tunde Baiyewu?

56 years (November 25, 1965)
Tunde Baiyewu/Age

What is the name of the Lighthouse Family song?

High (Lighthouse Family song) Jump to navigation Jump to search. “High” is the second pop single written by British duo Lighthouse Family for their second album Postcards from Heaven (1997). The song was produced by Mike Peden. It was released in January 1998 and is the most successful single released by the Lighthouse Family so far.

What year did Lighthouse Family release high?

” High ” is a song written by performed British musical duo Lighthouse Family for their second album, Postcards from Heaven (1997). The song was produced by Mike Peden and was released on 29 December 1997 as the second single from the album.

What was Lighthouse Family’s biggest hit from 1998?

Lighthouse Family’s Paul Tucker reveals how he came up with the band’s biggest hit from 1998. Lighthouse Family songwriter and keyboardist Paul Tucker tell us below the story behind their signature hit High, a Top 5 hit in 1998.

Are the Lighthouse Family still together?

The Lighthouse Family were one of the greatest and most popular bands of the 1990s, and they’re back! After more than a decade apart, Tunde Baiyewu and Paul Tucker are back together with a brand new album, Blue Sky In Your Head, in 2019.

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