Why did my pool pump stop working?

Why did my pool pump stop working?

It could be something blocking it, a dirty pool filter, or too much air in the system. If there’s something blocking your pump’s suction, check your filter gauge. If it’s 10psi above the normal reading, clean your filter. This will reduce pressure and reset your pump’s flow.

What does HP mean on a pool pump?

2. HP – HORSEPOWER. This value refers to the amount of work capable by the motor. All motors spin at the same speed, 3450 RPM, but the higher the horsepower, the greater the volume of water that will be pumped.

What is the difference between a pool pump and motor?

The guts of the pump are made up of gaskets, impellers, diffusers, and strainer baskets. All these parts make up the wet end but without something to drive these parts, they are merely pieces of well-formed plastic. The part that makes it come to life is the motor.

How long should pool pump motor last?

between eight to 12 years
Well-maintained high-quality pool pumps can last between eight to 12 years.

What are the parts of a swimming pool pump?

The pump is essentially the heart of the swimming pool’s circulation system. It pulls water from the pool through the skimmer and main drain, pushes it through the filter, and returns it to the pool through the main returns. The pump itself consists of three components: The motor, impeller, and hair and lint trap.

What is a pool pump motor?

Pool pump motors are classified as open drip proof, which means they’re open motors for which ventilation openings are designed so that water cannot enter either directly or by striking and then running into the motor.

What’s is a swimming pool motor?

A swimming pool motor is the motor that drives the pump of the pool, sucking water in through suction ports, sending it through the filter, and pushing it out through the return ports.

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