Why did Sumi and Taka sleep with Alucard?

Why did Sumi and Taka sleep with Alucard?

Its not about them seducing him, its not about the idea of the reward itself. Its about the fact that finally it seems like he’s being gifted an incredibly human connection so fully and freely. Sumi and Taka seem to want him, they want to be with Alucard, and they want him to be happy.

Is Simon Belmont Trevor’s son?

Simon Belmont appears in the rebooted series Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate, as the son of Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades, and grandson of Gabriel Belmont, later known as Dracula. The Bradygames Official Guide states that Simon is 23 years old and approximately 185 cm (6 ft 1 in).

Does Alucard love Sypha?

But regardless of how much Sypha cares for Alucard, Sypha falls in love with Trevor. Alucard’s crush on Sypha is one-sided. Proof of his feelings for her is written all over and into season 2 and actually serves the plot significantly.

Why did Sumi and Taka betray?

Sumi and Taka betrayed Alucard after believing he was manipulating them. In a cruel twist of fate, Alucard was forced to slay them both out of self-defense, a regrettable course of action that left him even more broken than before.

Who is the weakest Belmont?

12 Simon Belmont Given Count Dracula had been forever locked away in the tomb since the 16th century it’s unlikely Simon wouldn’t have received formal training to defeat him, meaning Count Dracula wasn’t terribly powerful if Simon could defeat him, which makes him one of the weaker Belmonts.

Is Sypha pregnant in Season 4?

Sypha, though, plans to go back to the Speakers to have her child. Yes, as it turns out, Sypha is, in fact, pregnant.

Why can Alucard turn into a wolf?

The White Wolf is a form of Dracula’s son, Alucard, who guides his father to the past in order to help him remember his forgotten promise. Alucard’s ability to transform into a wolf comes from the fact that he died and became a vampire during a full moon.

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