Why does it hurt when I dunk?

Why does it hurt when I dunk?

Wizards guard John Wall, the NBA’s dunk contest champion this season, said the most intense pain comes if you misjudge the distance of your jump, causing your fingertips to meet the rim. “That really hurts bad,” said Wall, who recalled drawing blood under his fingernail after one such attempt.

Does dunking hurt your wrist?

Dunking is painful. There is a consequence for slamming one’s hands, wrists and forearms against the rim. Falling from the sky takes its toll on the knees, endangers the ankles.

How do people dunk without hurting their hands?

When you dunk, like you see most NBA players and such, it isn’t the hands, it’s actually the wrists or even further down the forearm. The taller you are and the higher you can jump, obviously, the further down or up (depending on how you want to look at it) your arm hits the rim.

Does DeRozan hurt?

DeRozan has been sidelined since Dec. 4 after testing positive for COVID-19.

What does dunking feel like?

It’s just like winning at Mario Kart. It feels powerful, especially when with the noise that rims make. In high school, we had breakaway rims, so when I dunked, the rim would bend down and then snap back, making a cool sound. The first dunked when I was 16, but it was just barely getting the ball in.

How long is DeRozan injured for?

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, DeMar DeRozan of the Chicago Bulls will miss at least the next ten days due to health and safety protocols unless he has two negative tests in a 24-hour span.

Is it difficult to dunk?

There are some people, due to size, that will never be tall enough to be able to jump high enough to dunk. If you can get up high enough, dunking is pretty easy. Same with hitting a home run. Some people simply can’t hit or lack the strength to hit a ball far enough to get out of the park.

Does leg day improve vertical?

Your legs give you power to jump higher. Try doing 3 sets of 8 reps on each leg on your lower-body workout day.

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