Why does my Sony receiver says speaker off?

Why does my Sony receiver says speaker off?

Check that all connecting cables are inserted to their input/output jacks on the receiver, speakers and the devices. Check that the receiver and all devices are turned on. Check that MASTER VOLUME on the receiver is not set to [VOL MIN]. Press SPEAKERS on the receiver to select a setting other than [SPK OFF].

How do I turn on the speakers on my Sony receiver?

Using the supplied remote, pull up the menu of the A/V receiver and select Speaker Settings. Under Speaker Settings, select Speaker Pattern.

What is Spa on Sony receiver?

The indicators on the display panel shows which set of terminals are selected. SPA: Speakers connected to the SPEAKERS FRONT A terminals. SPB (*): Speakers connected to both the SPEAKERS FRONT A and SPEAKERS SURROUND BACK/BI-AMP/FRONT HIGH/FRONT B terminals (parallel connection).

Why does my speaker turn off by itself?

If your speaker keeps powering off, you may have a challenge trying to power it back on. Sometimes the battery or the circuit board of your speaker might be damaged. If the battery is damaged, the battery cannot hold charge long enough, and it keeps powering off.

How do I get my Sony speakers to play through my Surround Sound?

In order to hear audio from all speakers, make sure to change the sound field to DPLII. This creates a simulation of 5.1 digital audio. If the channel is broadcast in digital 5.1 audio, change the sound field back to AFD Auto to enjoy the digital surround sound audio as it was actually recorded.

Why does my rear speaker have no sound?

Verify that the rear surround speakers are properly connected to the Audio/Video (A/V) receiver. Increase the rear speaker volume or surround speaker settings to maximum. Try selecting a different size (small or large) for the rear surround speakers in the menu.

How do you reset a Sony receiver?

Press and hold down the MUTING and MUSIC buttons. While holding down the MUTING and MUSIC buttons, press and release the POWER button to turn the A/V receiver on. Wait approximately 5 seconds and then release the MUTING and MUSIC buttons.

Can you play A and B speakers at the same time?

How to Set Up A and B Speakers. Most receivers are designed to safely power both sets of speakers at the same time without any problem.

Why do receivers have A and B speakers?

A and B are different channels on a stereo receiver in actuality. A channel will play through all speakers on the A channel, and the B channel is usually only able to play through a set of stereo speakers.

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