Why does Rachel wish she was one hundred and two years old?

Why does Rachel wish she was one hundred and two years old?

Rachel says she wishes she was one hundred and two instead of eleven because she would have known what to say to her teacher Mrs. Price when she put the red sweater on Rachel’s desk.

What is the setting of the story eleven?

At its basic level, the story has two settings: Rachel’s home and Rachel’s classroom.

What is the point of view in eleven?

Sandra Cisneros wrote a story called “Eleven.” The point of view is the perspective of 11-year-old Rachel. Throughout the story, she speaks in the first-person point of view, sharing her thoughts as events unfold.

What point of view is eleven written in how do you know?

“Eleven” is told from first-person point of view.৮ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৯

Who is the protagonist in eleven?

Rachel is the protagonist in “Eleven.” The entire story is told in a first-person, internal narrative, so the reader only understands events as they are filtered through Rachel’s eyes.

Where does Eleven take?

Hawkins National Laboratory

Who made the book eleven?

Tom Rogers

Who is the main character of eleven?


What is the message of the story eleven?

The theme of the short story “Eleven” is that no matter how old you get, there are still moments in your life where you feel like a child. Even though you continue to age, you bring along the past with you. The past experiences of the younger you is still a part of your personality even as you get older.

What is the narrator’s view on birthdays?

What is the narrator’s view on birthday? She views it as a stages of progress that encompasses different experiences according to age, 2.

What is the main idea of eleven by Sandra Cisneros?

The theme of “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros is that growing up is difficult. This theme is demonstrated in the story by Rachel’s reaction to her teacher and her peers on her eleventh birthday. Rachel gets mad at Sylvia for lying about the sweater being Rachel’s but she is unable to adequately defend herself.

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