Why does Rat Kiley exaggerate his stories?

Why does Rat Kiley exaggerate his stories?

He explains that Rat exaggerates not because he wants to deceive, but because he wants listeners to almost feel the story so that it seems more real. Rat had been assigned to a medical detachment near Tra Bong in an area the medics shared with six Green Berets.

What does Mary Anne represent in Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong?

Mary Ann Bell appears in the story ”The Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” of The Things They Carried, and functions more as a symbol than a character. At first, she symbolizes the typical American back home in her ignorance of what is actually going on in the Vietnam War.

Is the Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong a true war story?

Tim O’Brien’s novel The Things They Carried shows his and the experiences of many other soldiers in the Vietnam War. According to Tim O’Brien’s criteria, “The Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” is a true war story because it is hard to believe, it does not suggest proper human behavior, and it is not uplifting.

What is the moral of Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong?

One major theme that runs through this story and the book is the nature of truth and of history. Tim O’Brien has said that fiction is more truthful than fact because the author can shape the facts to extract the essence and meaning in a way that fact alone cannot.

Why did Rat Kiley M&Ms?

Rat Kiley carries “[all] the things a medic must carry” (5). The medical items he carries mean that he is constantly dealing with blood and guts and gore and wounds, many that he undoubtedly cannot heal or treat, hence the reason for the M&M’s he “carried for especially bad wounds” (5).

Why did Rat Kiley shoot himself?

This chapter in Tim O’Brien’s book is told by a narrator, based on what he heard from fellow platoon member Mitchell Sanders. Rat Kiley develops a tenuous grasp on reality because of the things he’s seen in Vietnam, which prompts him to shoot himself in the foot so that he can be sent home.

What does rat say are the similarities between Mary Anne and all of them?

What does Rat say are the similarities between Mary Ann and all of them? He says that she is courageous like all of them. What did Mary Anne begin to do when casualties came in? To clip an artery and pump up a plastic splint and shoot morphine.

What does Mary Anne tongue necklace symbolize?

Mary Anne’s tongue necklace represents her desire to be a part of Vietnamese culture. The tongues symbolize consumption, both literal and figurative. Mary Anne is willing to be consumed by the jungle and to become a consumer of Vietnamese culture.

Who are the Green Berets or greenies?

The only other soldiers on the compound are a squad of six Green Berets who use the compound as a base of operations. The Green Berets, or Greenies, have their own fortified hootch (hut) at the edge of the perimeter, and they keep to themselves, gliding in and out of camp when they need to.

Why does Henry Dobbins wear his girlfriend’s pantyhose around his neck?

The story affirms Henry Dobbins’s notion that his girlfriend’s stockings, which he ties around his neck, keep him from harm. Dobbins originally rationalizes wearing the stockings because their smell and feel remind him of his girlfriend and of a safer world away from Vietnam.

What does M&M stand for in the things they carried quizlet?

What does M&M stand for? Candy as a kind of medicine to comfort the badly wounded. Only $35.99/year. Who is the author of “The Things They Carried” Tim O’Brien.

Why did Rat Kiley carry morphine?

In the first chapter, O’Brien describes the various objects that the members of Alpha Company carry along with them as a way of showing the burdens (physical, mental, and emotional) that each soldier carries. Rat Kiley, for example, carries malaria tablets, morphine to ease the wounded’s pain, and supplies to treat …

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