Why is Airodump ng not working?

Why is Airodump ng not working?

Try running airmon-ng first followed by airmon-ng check kill. If that does not work try killing the processes manually by typing kill [pid of the process].

Why is aircrack-ng not working?

First step, make sure you aren’t using the orinoco driver. If the interface name is wlan0, then the driver is HostAP or wlan-ng. Old firmwares have trouble with test mode 0x0A (used by the HostAP / wlan-ng injection patches), so make sure yours is up to date (see Prism2 flashing for instructions).

How do I remove a device from airmon-ng?

Go ahead and do the “iw del” command. It’ll remove your wireless device – Wlan0 (mon), or whichever. Check the results with iwconfig . . . . Your device shouldn’t appear. Go back to airmon-ng start . It should say that it doesn’t have a device by that name, and ask if you’d like to assign it.

Why is airmon-ng start eth1 not working?

The command that you are trying airmon-ng start eth1 is trying to turn on monitor mode for eth1, which is an Ethernet interface, not your wireless interface, so it will not work. You need to use airmon-ng for your wireless interface. Your wireless interface is usually wlan0.

How do I know if my monitor mode is mon0?

You can then confirm the mode is “monitor” and the interface name. You could also run airmon-ng check kill, which will cause all processes that use the interface to exit. For the mac80211 drivers, the monitor mode interface is typically “mon0”. For ieee80211 madwifi-ng drivers, it is typically “ath0”. For other drivers, the interface name may vary.

Do I need airmon-ng to enable monitor mode?

I don’t use anymore airmon-ng to enable monitor mode because it stop the network-manager service. Show activity on this post. You don’t mention your chipset, driver, kernel and airmon-ng version, which would have made it easier to help you. Not all drivers create mon0 for monitor mode, some enable it on the original interface (wlan0 in your case).

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