Why is myrtos beach famous?

Why is myrtos beach famous?

Myrtos has been described as “one of the most dramatic beaches in Greece”, with its “mile-and-a-half long arc of dazzling white pebbles.” It was used as the location for the mine explosion episode in the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

Why is the site of myrtos important?

Myrtos Pyrgos is used as an example of what an administrative site during the Minoan civilization looks like. Unlike other settlements, Myrtos-Pyrgos named rulers found in iconography with proof of control of exchanges and items produced. This site is also known for its central tomb and country house.

How long is myrtos Beach?

about 700m
The length of the beach is about 700m and the width is about 100m. On the left side of the beach there is a small cave in the water that makes a beautiful shade in hot summer days.

Is myrtos Beach Sandy?

What a beautiful beach with superb sunbeds and self serve beach bar which is very stylish.

Can you swim at myrtos Beach?

It is not impossible to go for a swim in Myrtos beach, but it’s rare. It’s mostly just playing in the shallow water that is possible.

Can you swim at myrtos beach?

What is the best area to stay in Kefalonia?

Best places to stay in Kefalonia

  • Argostoli. Argostoli is the island’s buzzing capital, with its main square coming alive at night with locals and tourists.
  • Lassi. Lassi is an ideal place to stay for those wanting a traditional beach holiday with an intimate atmosphere.
  • Sami.
  • Skala.
  • Fiskardo.

Where is Myrtos in the Greece?

Myrtos is a coastal village in the west of the municipality of Ierapetra, in the Regional Unit (previously called prefecture) of Lasithi on the Greek island of Crete. It is located 50 km (31 mi) from Agios Nikolaos and 15 km (9.3 mi) from Ierapetra, on the road to Viannos. A little to the west of the village is the iconic conical Kolektos mountain.

Where is Kefalonia located?

/  38.26500°N 20.55250°E  / 38.26500; 20.55250 Cephalonia or Kefalonia ( Greek: Κεφαλονιά or Κεφαλληνία ), formerly also known as Kefallinia or Kephallenia ( Κεφαλληνία ), is the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece and the 6th largest island in Greece after Crete, Euboea, Lesbos, Rhodes, and Chios.

Is Kefalonia the birthplace of Britomartis?

A project which started in the summer of 2007 and lasted three years has examined this possibility. Kefalonia is also referenced in relation to the goddess Britomartis, as the location where she is said to have ‘received divine honours from the inhabitants under the name of Laphria ‘. Evangelistria Church, St. George’s castle.

What makes the beach of Myrtos so special?

Myrtos has a long beach consisting not just of sand, but also of fine-grained pebbles. The beach has received the ” Blue Flag award “, which requires the beach to satisfy a number of criteria in order to retain it. The nearby village of Tertsa also has a very long beach.

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