Why is Russia involved in Syria?

Why is Russia involved in Syria?

Economic importance and history of arms sales Russia has been able to showcase its old and new weapons in the conflict which helped boost its arms sales to $15bn in 2015. Russian economic interests in Syria, including arms sales, are offered as one of the reasons for its support of the government.

Are there Russian troops in Syria?

Hundreds of Russian troops are deployed across Syria and they also have a military air base along Syria’s Mediterranean coast.

Is the Syrian army strong?

In 2010 the International Institute for Strategic Studies estimated army regulars at 220,000, with an additional 280,000 reserves. That figure was unchanged in the 2011 edition of the Military Balance, but in the 2013 edition, in the midst of the war, the IISS estimated that army strength was 110,000.

Who backs Syria?

The Syrian Ba’athist government is politically and militarily supported by Iran and Russia, and actively supported by the Lebanese Hezbollah group, the Syrian-based Palestinian group PFLP-GC, and others.

What is the role of Russia in the Syrian crisis?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made himself a central player in the Syrian crisis. He decided early on to deploy air power to prevent the collapse of the Syrian regime. And, once the position of President Bashar al-Assad was stabilised, Russia used its air power to help the regime to recover territory from the rebels.

Is Russia fighting in Syria to fight is?

In theory, Russia is there to fight against IS. But in practice, they also attack other anti-Assad rebels, some of which are also backed by the West. How did Russia get involved in Syria?

Is Russia dropping its support for pro-Assad forces in Syria?

But at the moment, Russia is not dropping its support for pro-Assad forces. So how did Russia get involved in the six-year Syrian war in the first place – and why is it so important to them?

Why does Russia want to court Turkey in Syria?

Russia’s foothold in Syria is a foothold in the wider region. It has provided an opportunity to court Turkey – a prominent Nato member – and thus to weaken the Atlantic alliance.

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