Why is there Polish war graves in Perth?

Why is there Polish war graves in Perth?

During both World Wars, Perth Infirmary, containing 100 beds, became Perth War Hospital. During the 1939-1945 war this cemetery was one of those selected for use as a Polish cemetery when Scotland became the base for the Polish Armed Forces in the United Kingdom.

Is Find a Grave website free?

Find A Grave is a free website providing access to and an opportunity to input cemetery information to an online database of cemetery records. It was founded in 1995 by Salt Lake City resident, Jim Tipton. See Wikipedia for more.

What do the three figures on the Tomb of Unknowns represent?

The Tomb sarcophagus is decorated with three wreaths on each side panel (north and south). On the front (east), three figures represent Peace, Victory and Valor. The back (west) features the inscription: “Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God.”

Are there any upcoming events scheduled at Jeanfield and Wellshill cemeteries?

There are no upcoming events scheduled at Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemeteries. Use the button below to schedule one.?

What are the cemeteries in Seattle Washington?

Cemeteries in Seattle, Washington 1 Beacon Hill Presbyterian Church Memorial Garden 2 Bikur Cholim Cemetery 3 Calvary Cemetery 4 Church of the Ascension Episcopal Columbarium 5 Comet Lodge Cemetery 6 Crown Hill Cemetery 7 Everett Memorial 8 Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park 9 First Washelli Cemetery (Defunct) 10 Forest Lawn Cemetery

Where are the WorldCat cemeteries in Washington State?

WorldCat St. Patricks Cemetery, O’Brien, Wash. (near Kent). WorldCat Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Seattle, Washington : East Howe Street between 12th and 13th Streets WorldCat Lists of Chinese passengers arriving at Seattle (Port Townsend), Wash., 1882-1916 WorldCat

Are cemetery records and transcriptions edited from their original sources?

These cemetery records and transcriptions have been left unedited from their original sources for purposes of illustrating what the original records reflect. Any errors found in these records stem from their original sources. Cemetery transcriptions linked below remain free of charge, no subscriptions required.

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